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William asks…

How should I go about getting into World of Warcraft?

I don't play video games, but I generally love geek culture and I keep hearing about this World of Warcraft amongst friends and at events. However I Wikipedia'd the thing and the article is super long. So anyone who plays it: how would you suggest I get started, considering I'm completely new to it?

Maybe there's a website or something? I really don't know just help me out here, guys.

dknol answers:

For a Windows system, the minimum World of Warcraft system requirements are as follows:
– Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz processor
– at least 512 MB of RAM,
– 32 MB graphics card,
– DirectX 9.0,
– 6.0 GB of hard drive space
– 4x CD-ROM
– 56k internet connection.

However, the recommended World of Warcraft system requirements are substantially higher:
– Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz processor
– 1024 MB of RAM
– 64 MB 3D graphics card
– broadband internet connection
– A two-button, scroll-wheel mouse is also recommended.

PLUS for you to really get started playing and enjoying WoW, check out the levelling guide on this page:

Susan asks…

How much money floats around the world of warcraft business?

I would like a figure on how large of a business there is in the selling and trading of world of warcraft gold and other things obtained in the game. How much money is there in total, so basically how big is the industry, and a number figure would be much appreciated.

dknol answers:

It is tough to gauge the amount of business revolving around World of Warcraft because it is punished so severely that it is tough to get an impartial estimate (The gold-sellers can CLAIM to do so much business but there is no way to confirm).

According to Blizzard, they removed 12 million gold from the economy due to cheating practices in the month of November. Using the earlier estimate of $15 for 100 gold, that makes $1.8 million dollars removed in a single month. That is not counting the loss of gear and valuables that were lost when the 105,000 accounts were cancelled.

And that is only what was caught, there is no way of knowing how many are getting away with it.

Richard asks…

Does the World of Warcraft Master guide have guides to Professions?

Does the World of Warcraft master guide have a guide on how to level your professions? If so are they good guides and what else does the Master guide have ?

dknol answers:

You do NOT have to buy ANYTHING when it comes to World of Warcraft. The guides that you have to pay for are largely scams with minimal (and usually outdated) information.

Do some googling, check out sites like and and MOST IMPORTANTLY: look at the official forums (which usually have up to date guides for professions) and save your money.

It's never worth it to buy these things.

Sandra asks…

Are there any good mmorpgs that are less expensive than world of warcraft?

I got 2 gift cards to gamestop for my birthday recently and I want to get world of warcraft. Problem is, my parents probably don't want to pay 15 dollars a month plus the price of the game. Is there any great, less expensive alternative?

dknol answers:

I have been playing World of Warcraft off and on sense its release. I didn't like the idea of paying monthly again sense I had just quit Everquest Sony's version of WoW about 2 years earlier. In the long run though if you're a gamer and you enjoy playing MMORPG's its a lot lot cheaper to pay that 15 dollars a month.

I would rather pay 15 dollars a month then every other month or sometimes every month going out to buy a new game sense I'm bored of the game I just beat or have no desire to play anymore.

On the other hand some games that don't have any montly fee's and I have been playing for a long time are Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress, Team fortress 2 all these games have kept my attention for many years and none cost a monthly fee just trying to give ya some idea's but WoW is the best still

Michael asks…

What is the storyline for World of Warcraft 3 on World of Warcraft?

I have World of warcraft 3 reign of chaos and frozen throne but i want to know if the popular World of warcraft follows what game and storyline. Is it reign of chaos or frozen throne?

dknol answers:

The Frozen Throne does follow Reign of Chaos. World of Warcraft the original game picks about 4 years after Warcraft 3 and it's expansion.
World of Warcraft while it had a lot of ties to Warcraft 3, didn't have as many direct links that the Burning Crusade Expansion Pack or Wrath of the Lich King has had. However you can rest assured that they have happened in the order of their release.

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