Your Questions About World Of Warcraft

David asks…

How long does World of Warcraft take to install?

I have recently downloaded the full version World of Warcraft (not the expansions) how long are the updates supposed to take?

dknol answers:

Well it depends on your computer and the processor and of course your RAM

Lisa asks…

What is the best class in World Of Warcraft?

Hey guys , i was just wondering which class in your opinion ( from the ones that i will post below ) are the best and most fun classes in the World Of Warcraft. 1) rogue 2) hunter 3) priest . Also post your favourite class from all of the world of warcraft classes .

dknol answers:

It really all depends on which talents you go into….a discipline priest can be really fun since they heal and do damage at the same time, survival hunter can be really reliable for soloing a lot of quests and what not, and subtlety rogues are amazing at pvp (if you enjoy pvp). It really all a matter of preference. I honestly think hunters are the best since they have a high survivability rate (with feign death and all) and their amazing dps output :)

Helen asks…

How to delete World of warcraft account without logging in?

So im locked out of my world of warcraft account with no way of getting back into it (long story) so i was wondering if there is a way to cancel the account without logging into it on the website any help would be great! Also i bought the account so there is no possible way to get back into the account and the account is not technically mine.

dknol answers:

If you bought the account then you were in violation of the TOS but even so the one who sold you the account is as well. Call blizzard and report it with the username/password that you had when you did use the account they will permanently ban the account however otherwise there is no way of cancellation without logging into the website. If you ever want to buy another go to that is one of the very few reliable websites you can buy from. Goodluck and sorry you got screwed!!!

Chris asks…

Where can I download the full World of Warcraft game?

I already have a World of Warcraft account, Burning Crusade upgraded and everything, but no matter what I do (open ports, configure firewalls), Blizzard Downloader just isn't working for me. I need a site where I can manually download and install the full World of Warcraft game, not the trial version. Please help me, I am getting very frustrated with Blizzard over this!

dknol answers:

Download at:
or look for torrent

Mandy asks…

How much is world of warcraft the wrath of the lich king?

I have already subscribed to world of warcraft for a £10 a month i think anyway. Im just wondering is the expansion just the one of payment like any other game? Or is it added on to the subscription, also is it the same with the burning crusade?


dknol answers:

Hello Wazup,

Subscription to WoW allows access to the main game and all of the expansions that you have installed on your computer or mac. The expansions are both available for a one-time purchase price, but you will need to install Burning Crusade before you will be able to install Wrath of the Lich King.

BC is 10 pounds
WOTLK is 30 pounds

Once you've installed them, which takes a few hours to download (and maybe a few more hours for the patches, lol), you'll be able to use them with the same monthly subscription you are already paying.

I've been playing almost daily for over 2 years, so take this with a grain of salt, but they are both well worth it.


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