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Donald asks…

How do I get to the World of Warcraft directory to access screenshots?

I am trying to see screenshots I took so that I can email them to Blizzard to show them the problem I am having. Where do I go to to access the World of Warcraft directory?

dknol answers:

Did you install WoW on this computer first if so:
Click on start menu,
c drive,
program files
Sometime you might need to download more software to view the files but if you know what one you need to send then wow already has that software and they will view the file.
There are tons of us WoW crackhead that can morethan likely tell you how to fix the problem. Most problems come from 1 of 2 things you computer just is not up to speed or the program did not install correct the 1st time.

Paul asks…

How do you improve your world of warcraft skills?

How do you improve your world of warcraft skills?

dknol answers:

If you level to an even level(2,4,18, 66 etc) you can go to a trainer of your class to learn new spells or abilities. If you are a rogue, you go to a rogue trainer to learn your new abilities. If you can't find the trainer of your class speak to a guard in any of the friendly faction cities.

At level ten, every time you level(level 10 included) you get a skill point, if you open your skills page, hot key is ‘n', you can assign your skill point to a skill on the page.

Skills are a major part of pvp AND pve in WoW. For every class there are 3 trees, and by putting points into the different trees you get your ‘build'. You may have heard people speak about frost mage or holy paladin. However, you do not have to put all your points in one tree, but they ‘best' skills are often towards the bottom of the tree.

Most people would start in one tree, and when they get to the bottom of that tree, assigning the minimum amout of points to get the ‘cool' skills, and they would start in another tree.

You can always go to the Official World of Warcraft website and open their talent calculator to work out how many points you need, what level you need, to get certain skills.

Last thing, not all skills are abilities or spells, some of them could enhance the effect of spells and abilities, or some may enhance your stats, i.e increase in crit chance.

Hope this has helped, you can always e-mail me if you have more questions.

Laura asks…

Does installing World of Warcraft Discs to your computer take up Internet Usage?

I have world of warcraft and i want to install the discs to my computer. So my question is, if i install it to my computer will it take up my internet Usage?

dknol answers:

If you use the discs, no

Sandy asks…

Is the World of Warcraft Trial download the same thing as the Regular download?

Ok I recently bought World of Warcraft and I have not installed it yet but i have the trial already downloaded does it do the same thing?

dknol answers:

No it does not. The trial download places the limitations of not being able to go above level 20 and not being able to play period once the time is up. You have to use your disk to install the official version that allows unlimited time and leveling up to 60 (70 and 80 respectively from separate expansions). You can also go into your account (if you have one, if not make one) on and download the installer that way if you misplace your discs or something

George asks…

I want to film a World of Warcraft music video. What kind of computer camera should I use?

I want to make a world of warcraft music video but I don't want people to see my action bar. I also don't want any little symbol coming up either. Any help?

dknol answers:

I recommend using fraps. You have to buy it, but there is a free version of it where you can record 30 seconds at a time.

But, you can always get a bootleg version off a torrent. I did this and it works perfectly.


Theres the link if you wish to use the torrent for FRAPS. It works perfectly. :) Have fun with your music video.

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