Your Questions About Work Online Jobs

Susan asks…

Does anyone now of a work at home online jobs that don't charge any fees ?

I really need to get a job asap ! I have applied at many places all over my town and other places.
So my question is, if anyone knows of a online jobs that don't require you to pay any fees ? and if so can you tell me which ones? its really i get a job asap.

dknol answers:

Those links by others are scams, just as almost every single “work from home” job. The ONLY ones are like Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware…. But you will work very hard for every penny with those.

Mandy asks…

Are there any actual Legit Online Work at Home jobs?

I'd love to be able to make money while sitting at home. But frankly most of these sites just look like scams and other such things. The way the economy is right now I could really use the extra money so I'm just looking for anything possible. If anyone knows if there's any real online work at home jobs. Please, tell me about it or link me to the legitimate ones.

dknol answers:

There is not one single legitimate online job site. They sell your personal information for $20. That doesn't sound like much but they get 10,000 “job-seekers” per month. Avoid them all.

Ken asks…

Anyone know of any legitimate online / work from home jobs ? ?

anyone know of any?

or some reviews of legit online jobs (reviewed by a newspaper or magazine, or something proper, not just some bullshizz wanker trying to scam the fuuk out of ya on his new Nigerian website)

thank you.

dknol answers:

I sell items on EBay and on a local auction site. Most of my items comes from yards sales, flea markets, discount bins at local stores, etc. I sell larger items locally, less shipping charges etc. Most customers will gladly pick up the items. Sometimes I buy items from the local site just to sell on EBay. You can get the same type of information that some people offer for sale just by checking out the Ebay site for free!

Thomas asks…

what are some jobs you can work on from online like i mean online jobs?

are their jobs available online.
work online

dknol answers:

Have you taken the time to check for questions like this that have been asked before?

The short answer is NO!

Its NOT happening! The business model is DEFECTIVE!

Helen asks…

Any online jobs that actually do work?

Are their any online jobs that actually do really work? You know, like clicking ads or stuff like that, that actually pay?
Please don't post a link with the summary that the site has on it.
Only post if you've actually used it and type your own review on it. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Yes there are several companies for which you can do customer service at home. They offer full and part time hours and benefits as well as being able to choose your hours. They are Alpine Access, and convergys, and there are 2 or 3 more that I dont remember the names for. The application and interview and all that are done on line and the phone. You have to have a land line to work for them. They have contracts with all types of companies, so I dont really know who you would be doing customer service for.

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