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John asks…

Are there any online homeschooling programs for free?

Hi, I am 13 years old, and I am having a very hard time at school, I wanted my parents to home-school me, but my ma and dad are sometimes at work, usually they check up on our homework though. Anyway, I talked to my mom about online programs, and she said that she would think about it! But know when I looked at like for example they had just 1 semester course for 425.00! I heard though that you can enroll for free. And the materials are so expensive! My point is….. Are there any online homeschooling programs that are free? I know that I would have to pay for materials, but can you get them cheap? Please help! I really need this! I hope to graduate from online homeschooling too! Thank you so much!!!!!!

dknol answers:

Hello, i actually attended k12, and they do not charge you… Just call them or go on their website and they should ask for some information about you and they will call right away. They send you all the supplies needed for that school and its all for free. They only charge you for the summer school courses. Good luck (=

George asks…

Online or At Home Jobs Available?

Hey all. I am desperately in need of money at the moment and I have absolutely no way of getting it now because I was just laid off from my job because of the disasters in Japan. Apparently they are releasing my co-workers and I to bring job opportunities in America to the Japanese people who lost their jobs in a more dramatic way. While I think this is a great thing they are doing, I can't stop my responsibility as the person who pays the bills in my family and I am now on the hunt for a new job. For now, I am curious if there are any jobs or employment opportunities available online or at home that I could do to hold up my family until I find myself working at a new job. With the economy so poor and the crisis overseas and a low job market in America right know, I'm sure it will not be as easy and as fast as I make it seem before I can call myself employed again.

If anyone has any sort of online or at-home work for a early 20s male to do that pays reasonable for the time spent laboring, please let me know. I must say that I am very good when it comes to journalistic writing, web design, and electronic portfolio making, so I am looking for something along those lines if there is anything available to make myself busy with temporarily for a decent amount of pay. I graduated from high school with a large amount of credit in ‘Tech Proficiency' after taking 4 semesters of Digital Design and Computer Application classes. I am skilled and trained well with computers, so a simple position like tech support or web designing (such as websites) are something I believe I would be good at. If you believe that you have a job available for me that goes along with the characteristics I mentioned above, let me know. If I were to be employed for a part time online job, I have already set up my PayPal account to accept payments from senders at anytime, so the pay check aspect should not be too much of an issue. If you would like to see some of the work I have created on the computer to know what kind of skills I am talking about, please feel free to contact me privately with any questions you may have. Thank you!

dknol answers:

I had a job I hated, and debts piled so deep I thought I'd drown. Actually, I was drowning and I saw no way out.t
Wel-l, that's not quite right. I saw a way out—making money on the Internet—but I made two dumb assumptions that kept me in

my job prison for far too long…
Making Money Online Isn't Hard…Or Slow. I assumed it was both, and you might too.

Some people have tried and never made a dime, or maybe made just enough to buy a cup of coffee at Starbuck's. So they assume

it's all a scam (it's not, as you'll see).

Linda asks…

We dated online for a year and lived together for a year (International relationship)(Canada/US).Shes leaving.?

Well here;s the story I met this amazing girl online a game with no chances of ever recreating this same scenario.

I was 18 at the time living in Ontario Canada (Thunder Bay)
She was 18 at the time living in New York, Hudson Valley area.
Since then until now we were madly in love with each other.

The more we talked the more we had in common and loved it. Months and months went by and she went to college (college didn't effect our relationship at all)

We met in person twice (each visit was 2weeks to a months long). Her Father and little Brother absolutely love me and I love them but her Mother is getting used to me..Can't remember my name at times.

When she came home from her first year of university everything at her household was great expect her Mom can get abusive/mean emotionally and physically.. Well about a year and some weeks ago from today she got in a fight with her Mom and her mom wanted her out of the house her Dad suggested my house since he knows and trusts me.
She came to my house about a year and a month ago and we were so happy we were both unemployed poor for about 3weeks until we both worked in Northern Minnesota at a casino as cashiers. For a year we worked at the same place side by side (Were both casino cashiers)
Since our place of work is only 45mins away from Thunder Bay Ontario it wasn't really a problem going back and forth to work since the rides were free by the casino.
We even started the common-law permanent residency (So she could have Canadian Sin.OHIP, Education, and live in Canada.)
The application is almost ready to be sent in we have almost have everything just need to basically send it in and pay the 500$ fee.
We even got engaged I proposed 1.1.09.

But in this past month shes been really home sick and wants to move away, go to University again, drive/buy a car, live at her house again ect.
When she told me this it was really blunt almost feels like IM LEAVING YOU WERE DONE.
She said it in the nicest way possible way.
I feel like Im being stranded alone and its a really deep pain Ive never felt before. (Yes Ive had past relationships)
I kinda did care about the perm residency thing but I guess I have to let it go I mean she obliviously dont wanna live here…

She is going home though in about a week Im guessing as soon as she can her mom misss her, and her Dad started going into politics about America ect almost trying to persuade her into staying with me . She will be taking everything that she bought and done here which is alot and Ill miss her in this empty house. She told me to go finish welding college and have my own life..
I feel forced almost to go back to school. Forced to be alone, forced to depressed and toyed with.

Some of her reasons I forgot to add in leaving is..
She can't stand working at the casino anymore (I'm the same once she leaves Im just walking off the job.)
She can't stand living in Thunder Bay because its smaller than her New York area so it doesnt have like the big malls, stores, stuff like that.
Shes worried about her health care and stuff (our job pays for American health insurance) But the closest city is Grand Maris which is like an hour and a half from Thunder Bay, and for us to go there we need my mothers vehicle which is hard to get.
She can't “grow up' here since everything here is here basiclly she cant be alone and learn how to do stuff on her own.

This is just from my point of view and understanding..Ill end this by saying she thinks our engagement was a mistake, she doesnt know if she wants to continue the relationship, she wants her options open, she wants everything I can give her yet.

I know the best thing for me to do is to let her go and live her life but I feel like mine just died.

will edit more but I dont know what to do.

dknol answers:

So what's your question?

It sounds like she is done with the relationship. Not much you can do about that.

You didn't mention much about how she feels about YOU. (except the “We're done…”) It's possible that she is simply homesick and needs to be in the big city. Would you live in New York? It's probably not a good idea though, unless she has begged you to come with her. I think she was with you because it was convienient and seemed right at the time.

Help her to get back to her family, let her know you will be available for her for a few months, then move on.


Mary asks…

Quick cash kit – is it a scam?

Heard of this supposed money making idea – Quick cash kit – where you can make money online by setting up websites and sell e-products. You pay them some money for the initial product and then its meant to be free, you can buy various “help” products along the way, also supposedly one off payments. It says you can make up to £300+ per day working part time from home, even just £100 per day would do me..! But if it's a scam obviously I don't want to get involved… The “head guy” is called Steve Bryant. Any advise out there???? Thanks a lot!

dknol answers:

I don´t know about that, but Look this

Or this


Jenny asks…

What do you think of home survey jobs?

I need to make a little bit of extra money and I found this Online home survey website that pays you to take surveys. Has anybody ever done this before? What do you think of it?

dknol answers:

Hei, this is base of my own experience, im just started online surveys about 5 month ago, first is some program are scam and some are not, don't sign up with online surveys that are free and offer big prizes, remember money is not easy to get and don't hope it for free online surveys because most of them are scam,
if you like, i have found legitimate online surveys that you can considering about,
i have make my own money with this program easily,
they have networks that looking for surveys everyday

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