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Laura asks…

Free ways to make money online or anywhere?

First off, I know about cash crate so don't refer me lol. Could you list some good ways to make money off the internet? Also can you tell me about a good system (that actually works, and that, preferably, I don't have to pay for) that allows someone like me to mail out letters from their home for money? Any other ways to make money? Please no rude comments like, “Get a job.”

dknol answers:

Making money online is not scam as many users claim here. There are a lot of ways to make money online, even for people who live outside US. Personally, I just love reading – it's the best resource for make money online tips and tricks

Mark asks…

How do I “let go” of what happened? Only 30 & up, please… This is LONG. Sorry?

I recently turned 40, have been through a lot with relationships and am where I know I want to be with a man. I would like to be married again, have a man that knows what it is to treat how he is treated. I found one. Or so I thought. I was happier than I've ever been (I've had only long term relationships ranging from the least at 2 years, top of 8 with marriage). From the beginning there were the usual cover-ups (which I find that most do, but I don't tolerate – Yes, I am always honest about my past & present.. avoids issues). First, we agreed not to see other people-his idea and I was smitten so agreed. He said he had to go to church one day. After I talked to him a little more since he was vague, discovered that he was supposed to go with the girl he just broke up with (to date me). He got a free card on that one after a “chat” about what to expect dating me. Then, he had a friend that came into town and I asked him if they had ever been together, he said no. They went downtown to a Cubs game and sightseeing and he took her to the airport. Granted, he came over after the game and was at my house before he took her to the airport. No, I never met her. We went away for the weekend, had a few drinks, he got a text telling him she was moving back and I asked why she wanted his help to move, conversation got longer. Apparently drank too much because said something about sleeping with her a long time ago. I asked him why he lied and he said he didn't realize I was that cool about past relationships and felt like he needed to in order to avoid an argument. Another “chat”. Yes, I'm cool headed. I didn't feel I had a reason to be jealous by the way he treated me, spent every second with me that he wasn't working, text me all day, etc. Everyone who knew him said he was a totally different person and I am the best thing that ever happened to him. NOW, here's where the complications begin. He has bartended since I met him. 19 years part time now. No steady full time job that was over 3 years it seems (last full time he got let go from was a year ago for real estate appraisals and his best friend was who employed him. Worked when he wanted. He owns and rents a townhome property as well. His brother lived with him and gave him 700/month in rent. He always had money to spend when we went out and $500 for his boat to “fix”… Then for 2 months over the summer my contract went from 40 hours to 20 hours. We spent a lot of time together with the kids and alone – usually four days/nights a week, if not more. He bartended Wed/Fri/Sat and made about $1k/wk. What I didn't know? CC bills and back taxes owed… also that the renter wasn't making her payments on time and he didn't have the money to front for mortgage or association so the assn sued him and thats how I found out TWO DAYS before we moved in together that he NEEDED a full time job the entire time we were dating and just didn't get one because he liked spending time with me. ??? HUH? OK, well, I guess his frivolous spending wasn't going toward his cell, garbage or cable… they were all intermittently turned off with “I keep forgetting to pay the stuff on time, I should pay online so my credit doesn't go bad”. Garbage cans were taken… still gone … new renter doesn't need them. So, I said he had to get a full time job or kick his renter out. Easier said than done… he got another bartending job by me before he rented his house (second property – both now breaking even)… however, two and a half months later, not even a Home Depot job. He tries, has come close, but owes me about $1k from our agreed on rent. My problem here is that had he told me he couldn't help out, I would've told him to stay put til he figured it out. I'm a single mom of two boys, work as a consultant from home and JUST started to get ahead and have over $5k in the bank in October. THEN, I started my own company based off of a referral from what I've done for 6 years. I had ONE shot, hired three people – he was one of them because he ASKED and said he could do a great job – it was money. $800 a month working TEN hours a week. Yes, it was on the phone setting appointments. SO WHAT? You get no rude people, just people they are already approved. He was given the “company memo” because I could tell he wasn't doing his job… I was sitting right next to him. He knew my reputation was on the line, knew he wasn't doing what he was asked, got himself fired with the HEAD internal wholesaler, who convinced the others to move to where he went. He lost my two best friends their jobs and they quit other jobs to work from home. I have been doing this six years and YES, you DO have to call everyday if they ask, etc. Yes, I talked to him before it got bad, I sent an email to all making it look like new policies were in place, just to get him to make the required calls. Nope. He lied and said that they told him he didn't need to call in and that Thanksgiv

dknol answers:

This guy is irresponsiable. Bottom line he will ruin you financially and hurt your credibility in the eyes of others-he has already made a giant step in that direction.if you continue on with him you will always be cleaning up his messes and falling farther behind in your goals. Alot of people think it is callouse but any financial mngr will tell you run do not walk to the nearest exit.if you marry him in short amount of time his bad credit will eat up your good credit.DO NOT PUT HIM ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS. He will not change. Don't entertain that thought for a moment. He is who he is YOU WILL NOT CHANGE HIM> he can only bring you down, i hope you listen and cut this guy loose.if you don't your life will run down hill quickly.your children will suffer for it too,remember your choices will have an affect on their quality of life. You will be paying off his debts by the truck load trying to keep your credit afloat.

Helen asks…

Not paid for hours worked, do I have rights?

I got a job at an anonymous cafe last month, (a well known franchise) and when I got paid I went home and calculated my hours. I was short 7.5 hours and politely e-mailed my boss to let him know and I broke down all the dates and hours worked up to the cut off date so he could see them clearly. He e-mailed me back saying that my first day was an orientation day and I didn't get paid for that on purpose. (So I unknowingly worked 5.75 hours for free my first day), then my extra hours beyond the schedule were not paid for, even though I was asked to stay some days, and not told to go home yet on others. I've been working with him side by side most days so he's aware of my presence above and beyond what's on the schedule, finishing the job that needs to get done after closing time, or just staying later waiting for the next person to come in for their shift who are late. None of my work shifts went above 8 hours so I'm not expecting over time.

I asked my co-workers one of my first days there if I get paid for extra hours and they said yes as long as it's not over 8 hours, that I just mark the difference on the calendar in the back room and then he will have it and I will get paid. Then to write N.B. (no break) if I didn't take a break. Everyone else was doing this too, so I'm confused as to why I'm not getting paid for the hours I worked when supposedly he couldn't “bend the system” for me, yet why is everyone else editing their hours on the calendar if it doesn't matter? I think I'm being taken advantage of…

The problem is I've only been working there for just under a month, so this is a probationary period for me where any conflict and he could fire me just for questioning him. (He doesn't need a reason to fire me). Do I have any rights in this situation? I'm in Toronto so work is very hard to come by. Do I just forget about this and only work what's on the schedule from now on to avoid this? What do I say in the future when he asks me to stay? If I say yes I'm working for free, but if I say no he'll probably fire me for not being a flexible team player or something. Do I have any rights being in the probationary period? How can I talk to him professionally, expressing this concern without making him angry?

(P.S. This specific cafe makes you take an online training course which I did and took notes religiously for 2 weeks around my work schedule, and then wrote the final exam. All this training time was not paid for. I can understand that people could be really sketchy with that and stretch out their online training time to create ridiculous hours, but my point being is that there's been a whole lot of volunteered time with this job. Is this even normal?)

dknol answers:

I would recommend taking out a phone book and calling a lawyer…
Just let him know about the situation and ask him if there's anything he can do. They won't charge you for that and it's a good way to get info since they can tell you what rights you do and don't have and if you can do anything about it.

Joseph asks…

Where can I get free online legal advice for teens in difficult family situations?

My friend lives with her mother and step-father. She does all of the cooking, cleaning, and work around the house. She has to buy her clothes and food for herself out of money she gets from babysitting. They will not allow her to get a real job until she gets her license, but they also expect her to pay for her license. She cannot get the money for the license unless she gets a job, so this presents a problem. Also, she goes to BOCES, a program which focuses on teaching specific trades to students who are not necessarily going to college. However, she wants to go to college to become a chef. Her family tells her that she will amount to nothing, and that she will never get into college. They want her to stay home and do the work at the house, without pursuing a career. I want to know where to find free legal advice on what she can do to help herself, like emancipation, or social services.

dknol answers:

they have actual lawyers in your area answer your questions, ive used it a bunch of times.

Chris asks…

How can I get an online job that's risk free and pays well? Also, a safe company.?

I need to substantiate my income, but also need to be at home when I'm not working my full time job. I've heard about posting to web sites, but don't know where to start looking for these companies, who would be a safe, no risk company to work for, and one in which I don't have to make an investment. If anyone has any information and would like to share it with me, I would appreciate it. It doesn't need to be limited to making web postings–I just want something I can do from home. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Home working is always a bit tricky because there are so many thieves who are out to scam you. I have been working from home over the past few weeks, I stumbled upon some fantastic tips and tricks on the website in the box below which showed me the greatest method to go about it.

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