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Thomas asks…

Moving out, no lease, illegal to rent?


My situation is a little weird. I'm renting a room from an obnoxious couple who is renting rooms in their 5 bedroom home. They live together in one room; they rent the other four out. Three are occupied. Two of these rooms are basement rooms with no egress window and are therefore illegal to rent out. This area is also not zoned for multiple families, as I am coming to find out. The wife is getting food stamps and not counting the rent from the tenants as income in order to continue to receive these benefits. The husband is committing unemployment fraud. I just found out about this, and I don't want to be anywhere near it. As part of the verbal agreement (we don't have a signed lease and I didn't pay a deposit), they were to include internet with the rent (which is vital to what I do for a living- daytrading), but now they're reneging on this because it interferes with their online game playing [both unemployed, buying a 5br house on a land contract… awesome], thereby preventing me from actually working. They are both ridiculous people, and I've had enough of it. I've even offered to pay for the internet (no company will run a second line here and there's no other services in town), but they won't have it. Since they're reneging on their part of the agreement, I've decided to find a new place to live and not pay rent. I've been here rent free for 17 days, and I'm moving out tomorrow. I'm not telling them that I'm moving out until after I have the last box in my car, because they like to cause unnecessary drama and I've had it with them already. I've been here for a two months and this situation is entirely insane…

So I guess my question is, I'm moving out, and not paying my back rent. I guess they can come after me in court, but since the room is illegal to rent and the house is not zoned for this (and yes, I just found this out today anyhow… more impetus for me to move lol), can they actually get anything from me?
I'm one of the ‘basement renters'. They joke all the time about how if there's a fire, we're (me and the other lady) are screwed… yeah, not liking that too much haha… The back rent isn't too much (less than $200), but I'm not paying them out of principle. They reneged on their agreement to provide wifi, and they're renting out an illegal room.

dknol answers:

Even if they break the agreement, you still owe rent for the time you live there… The legality of the rental is an issue between them and the county/city. You might try informing them that you will not say anything about it to the housing authority if they don't pursue back rent.

Ken asks…

I need answers, people. Please give me some advice.?

This is a bit long, but stay with me, please.

I live in a modular home on my parents land. I have for 18 years. I paid for my home in full myself. $65,000. On this land my parents have their house, my home, and a rental trailor.

A few months ago my 52 year old brother met a woman named cathy online . He left his wife for her, him and cathy got arrested for stealing scrap metal from where he works ( and he lost his job ) and my parents bailed them both out of jail , it cost them $7,000. Shortly after , cathy got arrested again for forgery. While she was in jail for that, my brother lost his job ( another job ) . My parents rental trailer was empty so he moved in, now him and cathy are there living rent free. My parents also pay there utility bills including cable which my brother said he got because comcast called his cell phone and asked him if he wanted free cable for two months. Now my brother and cathy just sit there all day doing nothing unless someone wants there grass cut. Then he taked my dads truck , blower, weedeater ,lawnmower and gas and cuts grass for $40. I don't agree with this situation and cathy doesn't like me. She has never spoke to me but decided she didn't like me. She weighs 350 pounds and wears daisy dukes and a cut off tank top all the time. She smokes and drinks and my brother tells my parents he is going to look for a job and needs gas money and the next thing you know he is on facebook talking about how he is eating at applebees.

Today ran up to moms to tell her something because her phone was busy. They were up there. I didn't say hey since I didn't even go into the house, I only opened the door.

When I got home my mom called and said I should have said hey and that I hurt my brothers feeling. I got mad and said I was grown and didn't have to say anything and that I didn't even go into the house. I also said I was tired of them being used by my brother and christina. My dad got on the phone and said I was just like them since I had lived on their land and never paid rent on the land all these years. ( they never asked me to pay rent, actually they said they were gonna give me the land .75 acrs. eventually)

What should I do. stay here and deal with it and knowing my parents consider me the same as my brother ( it's cheaper, my place is paid for, but the land isn't mine ) or move my home even though I would have to get a loan for roughly $20,000 just so I can have a place that is totally mine and not be treated this way ?
Actually, Archer my parents complain daily to me about my brother. But won't say anything to him. I don't butt in their business at all , I keep to myself actually, until they called me to complain about me not acting the way they wanted me too.My brother is running all over my parents, who are in their 80's.

dknol answers:

I would hang in there. If you can't get along with your brother & Cathy then try to stay out of their way. Be polite but don't get involved. Continue your good relationship you had with your parents, don't run down your brother. Just tell your parents you don't approve of how they live and let it be. Eventually Cathy will leave, hopefully your brother will shape up, get a job and leave. It doesn't pay to get yourself all worked up over this situation, life's to short. Hope things work out.

Donald asks…

i want to find a good site that offers free income at home so i don't have to pay anything?

k i work at an ok place but with a few personal things goin on it dont bother me at all but im just curious income at home i have gone online and researched to find sites for those keywords and i really dont want to pay to find out its a scam but then theres free ones that i dont have to pay anything but still dont want to find out its a scam i just want to earn some extra money from home to help out with a few things anyone got any ideas on wich sites would be the best.

dknol answers:

There is no such thing as a free lunch……

Homeworking is generally poorly paid, laborious, labour intensive and notoriously difficult to secure.

Scamming people about homeworking is easy because people are greedy and stupid. You get nothing for free in this life.

Linda asks…

what do you think of data processing jobs from home and other jobs from home?

i am a college student who will be finishing college this coming year and am getting married the following year to start a life with my fiance. right now i work in a work study program at the school. theres not terribly alot of work to do and the hours stink. i was thinking about signing up for one of those data processing jobs at home. i have found scam free ones online. the only thing is you have to pay for them. eventually i want to become a stay at home mom and thought that this would be a great way to earn money and still have time to do the things I need to accomplish. what do you think? do you have any information on these types of jobs? is there anyone out there who has this kind of job? Thanks!!!

dknol answers:

The ones you've found where you have to pay are scams, I'm afraid. When was the last time an employer asked you for money? Even temp agencies charge the employer and not the staff.

Since you have some time on your hands, try working outside the home instead in a field that you can telecommute with later (translation, technical writing, transcription, graphic design, consultant, et cetera). The home-based work is usually reserved for more senior staff, so the earlier you get in, the better, and a lot of work lends itself well to maternity leave.

For the most part, the only people with these dream job situations are either self-employed or especially cherished by their employer. There's no easy route to the easy work that pays above the poverty line. It largely is an earned privilege.

You're at the very best time in your life to set up your future opportunities. If you have to work for a few years before getting to stay home at your usual pay, so be it.

Daniel asks…

List of free ways to make money online or elsewhere?

First off, I know about cash crate so don't refer me lol. Could you list some good ways to make money off the internet? Also can you tell me about a good system (that actually works, and that, preferably, I don't have to pay for) that allows someone like me to mail out letters from their home for money? Any other ways to make money? Please no rude comments like, “Get a job.”

dknol answers:

I've been making money online for 12 month now. gave me all the information about making money online: the sites to register at, what to do, how to start earning and other stuff. I think you should read this blog more.

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