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Lisa asks…

I'm looking for legitimate FREE online jobs, has anyone found any?

I'm a college student and also a wife and mother. I find it very hard to work while in school full-time. I've been searching for something I can do from home that won't be extremely time consuming and that won't cost me anything to start. I'm not looking to get rich. I just want make a little extra cash. I haven't had any luck so far. I've tried clickbank which is an affiliate program, but the only way to really make any money with an affiliate program is to pay an arm and a leg for advertising. I've looked into data entry also, but I've never found a free one. They all want money before you can start which means they are probably a scam. Does anyone know of any good, legit online jobs that are free? I would greatly appreciate any replies. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Information on companies offering online jobs without any investment can be found at

Charles asks…

where can i get free online pregnancy tests?

i have taken the random questions and symptoms tests you can find on here but i need to know if i can get free pregnancy tests to take at home. i had the money in my account to pay for the order but my bank applied some random monthly service charge i havent seen in two years since i signed with them and now im in the negative 12 dollars. please i seriously need some help here. i need answers and i have absolutly no money now… with the job market being how it is i havent been able to find work either. it doesnt help i live away from everyone so i have nobody to buy them for me.

dknol answers:

You wont be able to find any free ones online. You Will be able to find coupons for money off them but not free ones. Your best luck is to find someone to borrow a dollar from and then go to the closest dollar store near you and buy one of their dollar pregnancy tests. I'm sure you could borrow a dollar and a few cents to cover The tax from the person who you slept with to buy a pregnancy test to see if he is going to be a father or not. Or Try to find a free clinic in your area like planned parenthood which do free pregnancy testing.

Mandy asks…

13th birthday Party Ideas?

!!!! Ok so im turning 13 On june 14 about a month and a week away. I Went from having 27 people at my bday last year all my firends and now only 2 are left. Because i left public school to do cyber school we lost touch and alot of them were upset at me for moving. Anywayz I Have like 5 good friends but 3 of them are my BEST friends and the other ones we talk alittle bit so It would be 5 people, what are some good ideas i have though of a few already:

1.Go to a Locall Amusment park where my dad can get us free tickets from his work so we would only have to pay for food and some souveniers. so kinda cheap

2. Give eachof my friends a gift card with money like a simon mall card and all 5 of us go to the mall and go shopping and then come home from the mall and have a sleepover.

Ok, ive looked online and ive found alot of good ones but they need like 10-20 or more poeple to make them work so please help! thank you!

and No goin to the movies haha i have my reasons >.> Thanks again!

dknol answers:

First off NEVER give ypur friends money to go shopping on your birthday. They should be giving you things if anything. But, the amusment park would be a good idea. My sister turned 13 this weekend and she invited a few people to an indoor water park and ha a sleepover. It worke put great with her only inviting a few people! Or how about a concert with your best friends? Maybe even have some out door games ands activies delivered to your house. Rock wall, splat wall.. That sort of thing. We did that last year it was a blast!

Chris asks…

Should I find a job or stay at home with my kid?

I am really depressed. I have a 4 year old daughter, my husband has a job that just pays the bills, so can't really complain. I am studying MBA online, so that's a good thing, but for some reason I can't work. I can't convince myself to actually put myself out there and work. Because:
1) My daughter's daycare is $1000 a month and everytime she is there, she gets sick every single week for some reason, but when she is with me, she is all healthy and happy.
2) I don't have much work experience in US, apart from international (UK) work experience, and don't quite know the US culture, so first of all, all I could get was telemarketing jobs ($8-$10 p/h) which I either left or they fired me.
3) One thing I can do that pays normal ($40K) is laboratory assistance because I have experience and education for it, but I don't like that kind of environment because it's too scary for me to work with toxins and microbes and blood and stuff.

So what should I do? I think the most logical thing for me is to finish my MBA sooner and wait until my child is old enough for free kindergarten and start building my career there. But at the same time, when I don't work for a week, I panic, and start applying again. What should I do?

dknol answers:

I have two children (3 and 1) and am in much of the same situation. I actually just acquired my GED last October and I'm starting online courses through our local college on nursing this fall. But I don't actually want to get out there and work until my kids start school. I hate the idea of daycare, and as ironic as it may sound I am a germiphobe to top it off. Not to mention I really want to spend these first years at home 24/7 to help mold my children into as spectacular a person as me (joke). I think a lot of moms out there have the same idea.

Richard asks…

I pod questions ( I tunes won't work, how do I take out videos from my i pod, etc )?

I tunes won't work, I downloaded I tunes and I can see everything but whenever I click on the ( I tunes store ) it always gives me this message :

I Tunes could not connect to the I tunes store. The network connection timed out. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active. then try again.

Awhile back, I could download anything I wanted… games… things like that and when I would double click on the icon it would work. But now when I download stuff it requires a password because my dad put it on their…. but um my firewall was off, so I don't know what it is. I don't know if it's the modem… also today I went over to my friends house to get some free songs but it said my ipod had to be updated to 8 or something, so I downloaded I tunes 8 on his computer and it didn't do anything I downloaded it like 4 times…. and I had to freaken go home at like 4 or something and it was raining like crazy and my clothes got wet ipod was wet but was in my pants, earphones wet, money wet, wet, wet, wet, then I find out that that theirs videos in my ipod …. but I come to find out that they're not even music videos, they just these dumb videos that my friend had on his computer and stuff… How the heck do I remove these, waste of room and space! but I can't update my freaken ipod! wihtout going online! I have internet! If I didn't! how the hell would I be here! So don't ask! I'm freaken mad because I want new songs! I pay for them! I don't download them for free! If i get the chance yes! Why the hell does this happen to me! Just to get new songs on my ipod I stopped by at my friend's bus stop and went to his house, when I finally had the chance to get my ipod on there, it says I needed to update my ipod! And I did! but it kept on saying my ipod still wasn't updated! wtf! And I had to walk home! and it was raining! Everything was soaking wet! my money was wet so I had to iron it! OH well aTLEAST NOW IT'S STRAIGHT SO IT LOOK BETTER MAYBE MORE GIRLS LIKE ME! Too bad my freaken books are wet! There goes all my money! Please help me… on these

1) Howcome itunes store won't work
2) how do I delete videos from my ipod without deleting all the other songs on there
3) howcome my ipod wouldn't update on his computer?


dknol answers:

Just click on your iPod icon, and click manually manage music, and you can then go to your videos on your iPod, and select them, then delete them

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