Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Laura asks…

Does any one know of a online home based buisneess that is legit?

It is estimated that 95% of online home based buisnesses are a scam. So can anyone tell me of the supposed 5% that are legitimate ??

dknol answers:

There are two basic types of “Work At Home” job scams on the internet. The first is the survey site. You join up and have to give them all sorts of personal information. Immediately, your mailbox is filled with spam. As hard as you try, you never get to a level where they will send you a check. You quit the site, but the spam continues.

The second scam is joining a club or whatever that promises you endless money for a small entry fee. They are classical pyramid schemes. The only way you make any money is to dupe others into joining and you get a miniscule percentage of their entry fee. No new members, no money. That’s why you see so many of these offers here because they can’t find any more suckers.

Carol asks…

What are good online home schooling programs?

My daughter has some health problems and she needs to home school next school year. She is going to be in 10th grade next year. We want her to do an online homeschooling program. she is is one right now, but its not a very good program.

Do you know any good online home schooling programs? Please, we desperately need help!
We live in Illinois

dknol answers:

It is accredited (if that matters to you) and is also an excellent school. My son graduated a year earlier with this program.
I do have to say though after 8th grade, the k12 program is a little difficult for some.

Lisa asks…

What is the Best free online Home Schooling Program?

I want to get my Children Into a good Free online Home Schooling Program and I want to know what is the Best? and what are the ones you dont like?
Thanks for Posting a comment, it means a lot.

dknol answers:

True what was said before. My state has online schools that many homeschoolers use, but you can't decide what to teach, or what to use to teach, like in “real” homeschool. The charters here require testing and following their curriculum. If that is fine with you, then check your state for “online homeschools in _____ (name of state)” Realize online really does mean online. You might get books, but all the work has to be done on the computer.

Mandy asks…

Is there any good earning online home based job?

Is there any good earning online home based job? if its provide me the information.

dknol answers:

For the 747,325th time…
The Internet is not some magical cash machine.
There are NO online jobs. Not one. No data entry. No surveys. No clicks. No nothing.
You will not find one from your house.
You will not find one with your mouse.
You will not find one here or there.
You will not find one anywhere.

Donna asks…

What should I do, I have a bundle of emails in my mailbox regarding online home business?

I have subscribed to few online home based business services now they are sending me emails regarding subscription to their system but I am very skeptical about all that wether they are legitimate or just a bubble in the air.
I give you some web sites tell me about them and hepl me decide what to do?

dknol answers:

HAHAHA I GOT F***ED OVER FROM 3TOBEFREE.COM DONT DO IT BELIEVE ME, I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING OUT THERE. THERE IS ONE THAT IS AMAZING THOUGH, IT TAKES ABOUT 200 OR SO BUCKS TO SIGN UP BUT WOW, ITS NOT A GET RICH QUICK THINGY BUT ITS AWESOME. I was like um yeah im not doing this but i looked into it and something told me to just do it, and i wouldnt change it because its owning your own business. U can go to flea markets and sell items and stuff. Email me and i will tell u more about it.

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