Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Paul asks…

if i do a work from home online job how dose paying my taxes work?

with a traditional job they with hold it from a paycheck but i don't know how it would work with a work at home online job

dknol answers:

You pay them yourself. You pay them quarterly, using form 1040ES for federal. If you have state or local income tax where you live, you pay estimated taxes to them also.

If you'll owe under $1000 for the year for federal, you can just pay the federal income tax for the year when you file your tax return in the spring.

Chris asks…

what are the best work from home online business, that are definitely not fraudulent promises.?

I am tired of working for other individuals and i want something i can do from home while i take care of my daughter,but i don't want to get taken either.Is there any advice from someone who has actually used one of these work from home businesses and made a profit from it?

dknol answers:

Maybe start a home ebay business. If you live in a big house, you can buy stock and sell them or dropship which is you sell the item at a high price and then order the item for the buyer from the source for them, that way you do not need to buy stock!

Robert asks…

Where can I find a true work from home online job?

I am looking for an online job to make some extra money. Does anyone know where to look for one of these? I know about 99 percent are scams but i'm looking for a true online job that I can work at home on my own time to bring in some extra cash each month. Thanks.

dknol answers:

Unless you have very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming or sell on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, there are no real internet work at home jobs. On line jobs are just another urban myth. You will just be bombarded with all kinds of work at home scams such as envelope stuffing, data entry, home assembly, medical transcription, reading e mails, surveys, etc.

John asks…

What is a good online home school program?

What is a good online home school program for a high schooler?Where do you get the books?And do they really learn faster?

dknol answers:

First coast academy is a good online school i just graduated from it last year and you pay like 45 a month and they ship you the books and stuff like one book at a time when u get finished with a book you get another one and so on. To answer your last question it depends on how many credits you got in high school and to see how your speed is with the courses. There is also more if you dont like that school.
there is there website u might like to check it out.

Have anymore questions on this feel free to ask me.

Lizzie asks…

What reasons do you have for not wanting to start an Online Home business?

I am doing some research to learn about future prospects in my online affiliate home business. In order to serve the public better as an entrepreneur I would like to know what reasons you may have for NOT wanting to start an online home business? What would change your mind if you knew about it? and How I, as an online marketing executive,could possibly reach Your skeptical attention? These questions will be considered for my future advertising campaigns, so be completely honest please! Thank you and God Bless!

dknol answers:

Starting a business takes time. I already have my own successful home based business and don't need to start a new adventure. I've built a very good business from home that I make a residual income. I now have the time for my family and to be able to do the things that I want to do. If I were to start a new business up, this would take away from the dream that I already made happen for me.


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