Your Questions About Work Online From Home

Mandy asks…

How can I work from home online and make money the legal way?

I'm trying to find something legit to do online, that's not a scam, to make a little extra income in my household. Something that I can do from home.

dknol answers:


Lizzie asks…

What is a actual work from home online company that you really get paid to do?

Are there any work from home sites that really work?

dknol answers:

If you are interested to work from home with cell phones, check out..


Here you can get the best training course how to work from home with cell phones and make a realistic $3000 a month.

Ruth asks…

what is the best online work from home program that really works with no hassles?

just went leave from work but need something to do in spare time til have this little. can you give suggestions of work from home?

dknol answers:

How about being a LiveOps somewhere you know all you need to be able to do is talk.. Provide customer service support for a variety of firms and corporations

Steven asks…

I would like to work from home online any suggestions or offers?

I don't want to spend money to find work and that is the only thing I find. I want to work from home so I have time for my other interests.

dknol answers:

The best work-at-home idea is starting your own business. That is not something you find on the internet – but something you create on your own.

Legitimate work-at-home program should tell you – in writing – what's involved in the program they are selling. Here are some questions you might ask:

* What tasks will I have to perform? (Ask the program to list every step of the job.)
* Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission?
* Who will pay me?
* When will I get my first paycheck?
* What is the total cost of the work-at-home program, including supplies, equipment and membership fees?
* What will I get for my money?

Betty asks…

how can a 13-year-old work online from home?

I want a job that i can work online, that pays high. i need some suggestions of websites where i can easily get an online job; something safe that YOU'VE USED BEFORE. I want you to please have used it before to ensure that its not a scam. Thank you so much!!
Can a thirteen year old sell avon online?

dknol answers:

This site pays out daily so you can see right away that it works, and there's tons of proof on the site.


I use this site to make a little extra money online. There are endless ways to make money on this site including signing up for free offers, completing surveys and clicks, playing games against other members, competing in weekly lotteries, and much more.

Signup is free, and unlike other sites that make you work to a minimum amount before they'll pay you, this site will pay you daily. You can get paid through Paypal, check, or you can use your earnings to order off of Amazon (anything you want) because this site is linked up to

If you're skeptical, number one, if this wasn't legit Amazon wouldn't partner with them. But if you're still unsure you can create an account and right there on the site is a chat room filled with real users, and even administration of the site so they can tell you just how this does work! You can also click anyone's user name in the chat to see their up to date earnings, check someone with gold status or above.

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