Your Questions About Work Online For Teenagers

Steven asks…

Why do the geeks in Mobile Phone shops always look down their noses and act sniffy?

If you ask them to explain something on a new phone to you? Haven't they seen the IT crowd? There was no instruction booklet with it and they suggested to go online and download the manual (188 pages long) or sign up to Geek Squad (!) : Tech Support for £6.99 a month hahahaha
At least they're geeks and not clueless teenagers on work experience – a small mercy.

dknol answers:

As Lyndon N said, they don't have a clue when it comes to mobile phones, so they have to hide it by acting like they look down on you because they know so much.

Thankfully my local Orange shop has great staff but the same cannot be said for the Carphone Warehouse nearby.

Thomas asks…

What Colleges Currently Accept a Penn Foster online High School Diploma?

I am 18, Dropped out of High school like an idiot thinking I could Get my GED very fast and Start College very fast. of course, I was just being a dumb teenager and didn't realize I wouldn't get very far into My GED. I have a Panic Disorder and i can rarely leave my house, so getting that last test done on my GED is Basically impossible for me (I scored above 95% on all 3 of them thus far. ).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew Some Colleges that Accepted Penn State Online Diplomas. I know they are Accredited by the MSA and DETC but not by the US Department of Education, Which kind of worries me. I'd like to get into an online ITT Class, But an online Comunity College would work wonders.

Thanks in Advanced!

dknol answers:

Penn Foster also has higher education courses as well, you can start on your associates degree through them

Nancy asks…

How to make quick money for teenagers?

How to make lots of money fast? I heard taking online surveys and trying products and giving reviews on them work. Does anyone have good websites they'd like to refer? Thanks:D

dknol answers:

Don't get involved in all these online scams. They never work & never pay.
I give u some ideas that might work.

– Sell Ice Cream
– Sell something homemade (cookies, cakes, paintings)
– Do chores for old people (groceries or vacuuming)
– Become someones tutor (math, science, reading, spelling)
– If you have a particular hobby such as painting, dancing, jewelery making or photography, you can start taking hobby classes for the same. Or alternately, you can sell your drawings or jewelery or photographs in exhibitions.
– Hold a lemonade stall
– Deliver newspapers.
– Make/sell cold drinks.
– You can clean peoples homes or Wash Windows.
– Mail Pick-Up Service: When people travel, people need someone to pick up their mail
and newspapers.
– Sell a bunch of stuff (clothes, furniture, etc..) on CraigsList and at Half Priced Books (books, CDs).
– Pet sitter/Babysit/Doggy walking.
– Household chores.
– Iron clothes.

All these can help u to get some cash.

Lisa asks…

Is it possible for a teenager to complete an online uni pr TAFE course?

Its not that a want to go to uni right now, i mean im still quite young but I am quite advanced for my age and im just curious what the work would be like.

dknol answers:

It'd be pretty tough due to the prerequisites most Uni's have for their undergrad programs – i.e. A TER – or whatever they're called now :p

That said, there are always ways around prereqs. All one really needs to do is convince a few people that you're both advanced enough and committed enough, and you're in.

If you ever were serious enough to want to go for it, I'd suggest you shoot for Distance Education subjects. Choose your course, sign up to your subjects, buy your textbooks, get your assessment guide & you're off. You could just add an hour a day to your study regime – and a few more when assignments and exams are coming up. ;)

Daniel asks…

I'm a teenager and I was wondering if there are any ways to make quick money online?

I'm tired of having to ask my parents for money, and since my mom is always busy she doesn't have time to drive me to work if I was to get a real Job. So are there any jobs online I could do?

dknol answers:

How about you run own website/blog and earn from google adsense. Failing that, go to work on a bicycle like I do

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