Your Questions About Work Online For Teenagers

Helen asks…

what are some good jobs for teenagers?

hi im looking for a job and im in high school. i would like to apply online and can only work on the weekends. do you know of any good ideas/types of places where i could look? thanks

dknol answers:

As a teenager the best jobs are usually ones that are involved in retail. That includes cashier and stock clerk . Or a waitor is a good one aswell. Some good places are grocery stores or restaurants or fastfood places, basically anywhere that you can have part time hours.

Daniel asks…

For what reason do teenagers think they can be illiterate and rude online?

No, really. How arrogant do you have to be to think you don't need to make the smallest of efforts to make communication that YOU wish to have understandable to the rest of the human race? Do You even know what “plz” is short for or WHY it's supposed to be used? Can anyone under the age of 30 make a complete sentence? Why is spelling so optional? Are teens just lazy? Or are they ignorant as well? Finally, do any teens really understand that the reason language works is because it follows a standard so everyone can understand it?
Thanks for answering, Male1905, and for proving my point. You poor kid. Your entire answer had no grammar and you misspelled “sentence”.

You just proved me right.

dknol answers:

When my children were in school, they were told to not worry about spelling and grammar but to just get their thoughts down on paper. I thought that was a disastrous idea and it turns out it was. Today we have text messaging, computer language (lol, brb) etc. It's really the corporations producing magic gismos for these kids that should be held responsible. Most people will take the path of least resistance.

Ruth asks…

POLL : Which works the best, applying online or inperson ?

This question is for teenagers and i'm just wondering that if there's
a difference between applying online or in person by going to a store or restraunt etc…….

dknol answers:

In person is better, i applied online to apple bees they never got, if you do it in person the manager will get it

Linda asks…

What are some ways to make money as a teenager?

I'm a fourteen year old guy and I am in desperate need of money for dates and such. I live in the country, my closest neighbor is nearly a mile away. It doesn't snow around where I live. I am rather experienced with computers, but I would rather have something in the form of manual labor. Please do not give me the usual: online surveys (working for peanuts) a lemon-aid stand (I'm not seven anymore) and shoveling dog shlt (which I'm not below, it's the whole neighbor thing). Good answers would be much appreciated.

dknol answers:

Some places allow work at 14 work for ur parents sell stuff at school

Lizzie asks…

whats a computer job for a teenager?

first i tried to make websites for people but nobody has really noticed my flyers… i really like working on the computer and im really good at it. i would much rather do online work then mow lawns for money. i also tried to design business cards for people but ink is expensive… does anyone know a “job” i can do on my laptop in order to earn money? (remember i just turned 14)

dknol answers:

I'm going to give you a job tip for starting your own computer business in a minute later in my answer.

First off, I will warn that there are a ton of people that will try to convince you that they will help you have an online business that you can do from home on your computer. When people post these types of questions at least several of the answerers (scam vultures) will try to get you hooked on some scheme.

There is just no such thing as online jobs that you can do from home. These are all scams and the people that encourage you to do them and tell you how much money they have made, are all a part of the scam. The scam may be selling things, data entry or other similar ploys. Remember that data entry has been made obsolete by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software which can read that characters in a document and translate those into text for you. Re-typing information is completely outdated and unneeded. Cut and paste jobs fall into the same category. The same goes for gifting businesses.

Many require some kind of up front registration fee. They are all designed to take your money or to take your personal information. With that information they can steal your personal identity and empty your bank account. I can't think of any more diabolical scam than to give people, like single parents hope that they are going to make some money and then dash those hopes by giving them nothing but empty promises. Also, scamming teenagers who are trying to help their families or trying to earn a few dollars of spending money is about as low as you can go, in my book.

Designing business cards and making web sites are great ideas but these services are offered cheaply or even for free by larger companies. It will be hard for you to compete against them.

Here is my freebie business idea for you. If you want to do something at home involving computers just tell your friends that you are doing a PC and laptop virus cleaning service for $25-$35 and they must bring the computer to you. Go to the McAfee web site and download the Stinger.exe free tool and get a small thumb drive that you can copy that program to. When they bring the computer over you download the newest version of Stinger to the flash drive and stick it in their computer and start the scan running. It may take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the computer's disk size and utilization. It requires no interaction so you just start it running and go do other things while it runs. After it is done it will list any stuff it found and you can report that to the user. Charge them an extra $10 if they want to have an anti-virus program installed and you go out to Microsoft and install Microsoft Security Essentials (a free program). If they want a anti-malware program charge them a few more dollars and download and install MalwareBytes for them. Another thing to keep in mind is that sooner or later they will click on some link or go to some bad web site and pick up another virus. If you have done a good job they will be back for more help – and make you another $25 to fix it all over again.

Contact all the pawn shops in your town and tell them you can do these same services for them and if they ever get in any computers that the password has been lost on you can break into those for them. This is a common issue – people will pawn a computer and then not get it out in time then the pawn shop discovers they computer is password protected and they don't have the password. You will download the Trinity Rescue Kit and that will let you boot the computer and change the password without knowing the old password.

Best Wishes!

Best Wishes!

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