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James asks…

looking for someway to earn money?

so ok, i'm a teenager and well, i really would like to earn money working online like some site, because truth is at my age theres almost no stores who can give me a job. I want something online but that can be true, that i know it's not a fraud. Well, anyhow if someone can help me, i would be so grateful

dknol answers:

Tips for getting started with online data entry jobs without initial fees.

Sandra asks…

Husband Never Cleans, and he is unemployed……?

My husband is unemployed right now. he only looks for work online so he is home all day everyday except for running out for groceries and other errands randomly on certain days. he doesnt help out around the house with chores, like EVER. shoudl i be upset over this? my philospohy is that when he is working, he shouldnt worry about the house, thats my job and to take care of the toddler we have. maybe he can take the garbage out on sundays since its too heavy for me sometimes, but thats it. i dont mind doing all the work at home when he is working. but not when he is home all day, it really pisses me off, makes me feel abused since he sits on his butt lazy-like, while i clean up. i ask him sometimes to do things and he acts like im asking him to give up his penis or something. i even followed his idea of starting a chart with diff things for him to do on a certain day of the week. it lasted like 1 day, then he forgot about it and didnt do his chores (which by the way was ONLY VACUUMING AND WASHING THE SHOWER!) i didnt even tell him to vacuum the whole house, he did the living room and left it at that. he says i shouldnt act liek his mother, but when he acts like a lazy teenager what else am i supposed to do? he is home 24/7, he SHOULD do some chores and help out more right? instead its the computer, pacing, not picking up after himself, and never helping with the kid. am i supposed to continue just being his slave, cause thats all i feel like. clean up after him all the time. he claims he can clean good and doesnt mind doing stuff, but i dont see that. it would make me very happy if he helped more until he found a job. other men dont act like this do they? should i stop cleaning n see what happens? that scares me cuz we have a toddler that gets into EVERYTHING :( i wish he would own up a little and try to help provide a clean home for us, mostly his daughter, for her safety.
ive tried talking to him calmly, he gives me this b/s that i stress him out too much, or unless its written down in a schedule form he cant remember, so i tried that, but like i said, this wednesday, he didnt do his vacuuming. he just gives excuses rather than trying. im not moving on either. he has potential, and even if he blames me for his laziness around the house, i have hopes he can actually do shit rather than sit on yahoo answers or facebook all damn day. we dont even have cable tv!!! haha. he never even cooks dinner for us, unless its fried chicken LOL. i always cook, AND CLEAN IT UP!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not fair. it doesnt matter what is going on in our personal life, he shoudl still clean his home, he says i get to it before he would, he would let it get sooo bad though. should i stop cleaning n see how far it goes?
at John B: you sound awesome! 50/50 is the way it shoudl be, but if he was working id clean n not expect much from him since he works. but still. 50/50 while he is home all the time does sound nice. your lady is lucky.

dknol answers:

I'm a guy and still in school for a couple of more months and unemployed. My fiancee is the one working so I'm the one staying 24/7 at home. However, I'm sort of a clean freak so I do clean everything around the house do laundry, vacuum and do dishes.Your husband needs to realize the importance of cleaning and helping you out since you both live there. Have a serious conversation with him. Even when he gets a job you shouldn't do everything…i believe in the 50-50 rule.

David asks…

Did anybody else feel guilty?

I'm 17 & a single mommy. At times I feel SO guilty that her father is not in her life (he pays child support but that's it). I feel guilty for being young, I feel guilty that at times during my pregnancy I missed being a normal teenager.
See her father (Tommy) & I dated a year before we even had sex ( I got pregnant the first time we had sex, but he wasn't a virgin, I was). But our lifestyle was not that good. We partied, & he did drugs & drank (I didn't though). I feel so ashamed about what I put my parents through. At times I feel like the worst daughter in the world.
I'm trying to be a good mother. Really I am. I graduated early, & currently work online. In the fall I'll start taking Early Childhood Education classes online. In about 6 months Char & I will be moving to Connecticut ( my grandmother left me her house. She passed when I was 13. She knew how much I loved it). i love Char more than ANYTHING, She's my life, my world, just everything.
But yet I still feel so guilty that she has no father. I feel like the worst mother because I'm 17. I beat myself up about this EVERY day. I don't know. I just had Charlotte 4 days ago, so it's probably just my emotions going insane. How can I calm down about this stuff? Don't get me wrong, I love my life. But I still feel so guilty :(

dknol answers:

If definitely the emotions. Think: how much would it benefit for her father to be in her life, with the drugs and drinking?

And about feeling ashamed with your parents: that was in the past, but there's always the future. You can make up for it in the future. :)

And how are you the worst mother just because you're 17? You're not; you wised up and did all you could to give Charlotte a good life, and you should feel proud of that.

And when you feel down, just have a positive attitude and think if the bright side of things. Yes, you're young, but you know you're able to provide Charlotte a good life. Yes, her father isn't in her life, but what good might it have done?

Hope I helped. :)

PS: I totally agree with Sophia is rolling over!

Lizzie asks…

Making New Friends in UK or SG as homeschooler?

Hey all,

There is a big chance that my family will be moving to either London or Singapore. I’m a 15 year old teenager, and I’m curious – what are some ways for me to meet teens my age? What do teens in the UK and Singapore do for fun?

I do my school work online, so unfortunately I won’t be able to meet anybody at school. I am enrolled in ballet class, so when I do move, I will be continuing which will probably give me a good chance of meeting kids my age. But what are some other ways?

I’m thinking of maybe volunteer work, part time job, more sports, etc.

PS: Please don't recommend church youth groups. I am not religious.

dknol answers:

It sounds exciting to be making such a drastic move =D do it all, volunteer work, part time job, sports, and you don't have to be religious to go to youth groups you might meet some cool people there, you don't want to leave anything un-ventured (unless its terribly dangerous) when making such move. Stay away from the drugs and alcohol that will not end well, and I wish you the best of luck.

Laura asks…

Mother is taking over pregnancy..?

Hi! I am 25 and pregnant with my first child. I have live on my own since I have been 17. Unfortunately I decided to move back into my mothers house last summer. More so , I found out I was pregnant a few weeks after I moved in. i have had very bad luck trying to get a job since I have moved back to my home town, and now I am 8 months pregnant and not having alot of luck. I work online making about 100-200 dollars a week. The father of my child has a very bad job and gets paid almost 200 every 2 weeks. So it is ridiculous trying to get out on my own. I love my mother, but there are reasons I haven't lived with her since I was a teenager. Now that I am pregnant, I am so stressed out all the time, she acts like she is the mother of my unborn child…I understand her wanting to have a baby, but she doesn't want me to move out with the baby, she wants to do everything her way. Like setting up the nursery, buying all the stuff she wants. I am very grateful for her helping me with stuff, but she also throws it in my face that she buys most of the stuff. I am trying my best to move out on my own. I am due in two months and wont be able to get a place until next month( I am saving up my money), an unfortunately the baby's father isn't much help. Either way i have told her how i felt and she got so upset and threatened to not be in my life at all, or my babies. I had to apologize so she would stop acting like a 3 year old and saying somthing bad about me every 5 seconds to her husband so i could hear. I don't know what to do. She wants to wash all the baby clothes. She won't let me touch them or do anything for my son. If I do something, she goes behind me and does it her way. She has asked me to give her my son a few times, saying Im not ready to be a parent, it is just awful how I feel. I will never give my baby to her, but if i don't let her act like she is the mother she gets mad, and she stresses me out so much. I don't know what to do anymore. Hopefully I can get my own place next month, even though she is starting to plan the nursery here, even though I keep telling her not to…If i cant find my own place, I know once my baby is here it is gonna be so bad, she is going to try to control everything. i am going crazy. advice?

dknol answers:

Well since you have talked to her and she is still not respecting your wishes, and is being childish about the situation, I say do what you have to do…get your own doesn't seem like things would get any better because she doesn't sound like a reasonable person, she sounds controlling and don't need that stress..this is your first child, and you do not want this to continue once the baby gets here because it will be 10x worse..she will try to interfere with your parenting, and especially when you try to discipline the baby she will try to make you the bad guy and her the good guy so the baby will favor her..i think you are going to just have to try to move somewhere else, even if its temporary..she says she'll get out of your life, but she really won't…she is just saying that out of anger/hurt….dont stress..just ignore her for now, you are at the home stretch of the pregnancy, just focus on you and your child…also where do you work online? I have been trying to find a real home job that works…and is not a scam…itll all get better for you love…but you have to move..

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