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Ruth asks…

How can I watch the Secret Life of the American Teenager online?

I'm looking for a website where I can watch The Secret Life free and without having to download.
Unfortunately, ABC Family doesn't work for me because I'm in Canada… erg.


dknol answers:

I found this link on yahoo and I can watch live tv free

James asks…

Ways for a teenager to make money online?

Hi, I'm a 15 year old and money is tight right now for my family. What are some ways I could make money online? I'm willing to actually work for it, I don't want surveys or get rich quick schemes. I just need 20-30 bucks a month. Any help would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

Hey i promise this works just try it out, it's absolutely free. I started this morning at 8am and by 10am i made $30.25 and now at 4:47pm i'm looking at $43.25. Ha! Read the reviews on google if you don't trust in me, but it's free so you have nothing to lose, not even your time :)

a promise

Thomas asks…

Possible online jobs for teenagers?

I'm 15, well almost, anyway I am always busy these days and have no time to get a job, so I need suggestions for an online job.
I've done many things online before, I've been payed to help with the halo 3 campaign before (lol?)
I've sold some of my digital art before (I'm a graphics artist, a good one at that), I've designed websites and sold them before, I've been payed to help with homework, and I've just generally done a lot of work. However it isn't easy to do much of that stuff these days for me, well I just haven't been able to find anyone to pay me, I use my dads paypal to receive any money and I'm just about up for anything, anything G rated.
I'll do surveys, or do special orders with anything digital art related, or do homework for people, anything as long as it pays good.

dknol answers:


The site to find job listings including job search engine sites, job boards, company websites, niche job sites, social media and professional networking sites, jobs listed by type of job seeker and location, and more top job listing sites, and it's been updated on daily basis for more info…

Sandra asks…

where can i watch full episodes of secret life of the american teenager online?

i just now started watching secret life and have been watching some of the first season on youtube. I get to season 14 and cannot find it anywhere!! Does any one have a WORKING link to a website where i can wathc early episodes of secret life? no spam or any thing where i have to sign up. and i have already tryed abc family it dosnt work for me. thanks for readign

dknol answers:

Season 14? Or episode 14 of Season 1? And i would've suggested abcfamily or youtube.. Those are the only two i used when i missed any episodes.. Or you can always buy the Season 1 and Season 2 DVD's (:

good luck… Glad you started watching it.. It's amazing (L:

John asks…

Where can I find the best deal online for made-to-order shell jewelry?

My mother had a shell necklace when she was a teenager that was destroyed. She loved it dearly. The pendant was a white eagle … shell also. I'm wanting to have a replica made for her as a Mother's Day gift and was wanting to find the best deal online for the best work. I have a picture of her wearing it when she was 16 and thought it would be a good gift idea.


dknol answers:

For purchasing jewelery online, jewelocean is the best . They have various of latest,old designs of diamond engagement rings,Multi-Stone Engagement Rings,Bridal sets, Gemstone pendant etc,.I have been using them since many years.
They are cheap and offers various discounts and sales on diamond rings
I have had purchased several jewelery items online and shipped them to Boston and the most important thing is, items are always received in perfect conditions.
2 years ago i had to buy a diamond engagement ring for my wife and the liked one wasn't available here. So i bought it from jewelocean and they delivered it without any shipping charge. Free shipping . Engagement ring reached in 3 days.
They are really fast, reliable and trustworthy.
I would say, for US customers, it is must to have them. Here is the link.
Also they have live support, so if you need any assistance, they are always ready to answer your queries.

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