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Jenny asks…

Where can I find work from Home online workforce?

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dknol answers:

There are many blogs that go over on how to make money online. Why not getting started with them. Or if you have any axperience on somethig, create a blog to offer your expertise.
Many people get paid by mantaining blogs about interesting topics. Once you get the hang of it you'll earn quick-ly an surely

Maria asks…

Software like google maps for chicago that can be used without an internet connection?

all the available maps and directions online are great but what about when i dont have a connection?

In the chicago area i use a giant 400 page book of all the streets and maps in the area.. Is there something online I can download that will work like google directions/maps without being online?

dknol answers:

I don't know of anything that's free, but you can buy map software like Microsoft Streets and Trips. The best free solution would probably be a digital map with no interactivity.

Sandra asks…

Where can i find Free Scholarly Articles online (besides Google)?

I am doing a major presentation in one of my classes, and for our topic (nuclear weapons), we have to find scholarly articles so we can gather our information (but I am having trouble finding some). I tried google, but that did not work, but I do not know where you can get some for free online (and relatively recent articles). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


dknol answers:

You're in luck – many physics articles and related subjects are posted for free online at this site. Http:// But I suggest trying to stick to the ones that say they've been accepted to a peer-reviewed journal on the abstract page.

Charles asks…

Are there any REAL and LEGIT ways out there to make good money online?

I've been doing a lot of research and I'm beginning to see more and more advertisements for income online? I'm not talking about taking surveys for nickels and dimes, and I'm not talking about any get rich quick schemes. But does anyone know of REAL companies out there that will pay you a decent amount of cash to do actual work online? I'm already aware of all the scams….and I've seen all the fake testimonial websites that try to scam you into buying a product…thinking you'll get rich off the information. I've even heard that google has some online business for average people… it true though? I'm a recent college grad and while the job market is bad, I just want to put a few extra hundred bucks in my pocket, while still searching for the right career path. I just want to know, if there are any real sites to visit to make money, where are they??

dknol answers:

P a i d t e e n s . W e b s . C o m

Linda asks…

Is there a free place online like google documents that I can use?

My google docs isn't working and I don't want to use Microsoft word for this certain project. Is there any online place that I can use as a private document maker/keeper?

dknol answers:

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