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Mary asks…

where can i watch Annie online for free? i tried google but it didnt work?

dknol answers:

I'd try using using Torrents.

I recommend uTorrent client ( , because you can search for files straight from the program.

Only download it if you already own a copy, otherwise it's illegal.

David asks…

why doesn't my mac webcam work?

my mac webcam doesn't work online. Like website such as tinychat toxbox and etc. The internet browser thing that i use is firefox, google, and sarfari. My webcam for some reason would work on photobooth and skype. When i try to use it online this pop up thing comes up asking what camera do i want to use i have tried all of them but none of them work

dknol answers:

Apple isn't too permissive allowing the webcam to be used by just anything that asks for it.

Has to do with a lot of Mac's with integrated cameras not having the security light informing the computer user that it is on and recording.

There was some hell raised about a school spying on kids at home through their webcams.

As more Macs get into circulation with the security light, the more open they will become to giving their webcam API's out to anyone who needs it.

Until then, I don't know what to say. Apple makes Photobooth, and they trust Skype, but just any old website, not so much. Once the API is out of the bag, everyone will want to use it and share amongst themselves.

Anyway this is what I've heard about the subject. It's subjective to whatever, as I don't speak for Apple.

Ruth asks…

Anyone know about Google-Work from Home?

I saw that posting websites online for Google from home. Is anyone making money doing it?

dknol answers:

Google is not hiring anyone to post websites for them. Go to the Google home page, check About Google, then careers. No jobs posting websites there.

What you are seeing are ads for third party companies with no relation to Google selling overpriced memberships. They will allegedly teach you how to make money with Google, but in reality, only take more money from you.

The use bait and switch to get you to sign up for “only $1.95”. Afterwards, they hit your credit card for 50.00 – 99.00 a month for the membership. Canceling is hard and often, you find yourself signed up for other memberships they hide in the small print.

Google has nothing to do with these companies. Some of these companies have been shut down by the FTC. Others have numerous complaints against them in most states.

I would avoid these products at all cost. Don't give them your credit card or information.

Hope this helps,

Paul asks…

How do I add a friend to Google Talk whose account is managed with Google Apps and on a different domain name?

She's online where she works with their Google Talk so that everyone in the business can gmail and chat with each other. I can't seem to get her username added onto my Google Talk contact list for chat. Does anyone know why this is and if it can be done?


dknol answers:

To add Friends, simply click on the +Add button in the lower left hand corner of the gadget, and type in the email address or Google Talk username of your friend in the search bar.

I hope this helps!

Betty asks…

Looking For Online Work?

First off, I ask this question for a real answer. Not for someone to sit here and tell me “there are none” or “you need skills”. I know there are legit sites out there to work for where you don't need anything special because I work for one. It doesn't pay much, not much at all. But, I'm not looking for one that's going to pay me like regular employment would. I'm looking for something that's real and legit, even if it pays very little – because I know sites that say they'll pay normally aren't real. I'm looking for a site that I can write for, and generate money on how many people visit that page, not how many people click ads. The site also has to pay directly, as in send a check to me or send me a debit card to put the money on. I don't want to be paid through paypal or google adsense. I think their stupid because they charge a percent of what you earn to use their service. If there is a site like this, please help.
Good ideas. But, what are some legit sites to do that for?

dknol answers:

If you know languages, then you can work as an interpreter from home. If you know and can operate computer, there are perhaps admin jobs out there.

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