Your Questions About Work Online For Google

Sandy asks…

Has anyone had success working for Google “posting links online” or is this just a scam?

Please only answer if you know for sure or have had experience with this…

dknol answers:

Excerpt from the official Google blog:

“How to steer clear of money scams

Google is not affiliated with these sites and that they may add extra charges to your credit card or misuse your personal information.

To be clear, we are proud to say that many companies and individuals do legitimately make money placing ads on their websites with Google AdSense or participating in programs like the Google Affiliate Network. Creating a successful website is hard work — successful sites earn their money by writing compelling content, developing useful applications and maintaining vibrant user communities. Any claim that you can skip all of that and make just as much money by posting links, using a secret system, or running a kit to generate websites should be treated with a heavy dose of skepticism.”

Mary asks…

Please Suggest me a GENUINE Online Job that is NOT a Scam?

I am from Kerala, India, 18 Years old and I would really like to work online. I heard about “Google” money making business and paid Rs.1100 to be a part of the program — but no matter how hard I tried, I could not make ANY money from it — in fact I wasted Rs.1100 trying to find a honest part time online job. Can you please suggest me a GENUINE online job that IS NOT a scam, requires NO advertising from my part, Selling etc etc. I would like to do data entry / e-mail reading jobs. I am not looking for astronomical income , but a substantial amount. Also, websites that do not require upfront payment will be preferred.

Thank You for your time

dknol answers:

Have you noticed that 99% of the answers are with embedded website in it? You know why? Because people are advertising their own products. Yes, they want to sign up for thier money making system so they can get money. You’re only their ‘lead’ (that’s how they call you in the internet marketing world).

John, I know a guy from India who's in COPYWRITING. That's writing copy that sells. Maybe you're interested in it?

Maybe you're interested in general lead generation?

Or maybe interested in writing about topic you like? Here's a great site to get started, it's a 30 day challenge to make your first $10 online:

No, I promise, this is totally free. And you can get it clear what it's all about in 4 mins. Not like those websites where you have to read 5 page salesletters filled with persuasion tricks.

It's about DOING WHAT YOU WANT in internet business. It boils down to this. Go to the site I told you to ask such question in the forum, because I beleive you'll receive the most objectionable answer (and not some spammy affiliate links).

Hope this helped John.

John asks…

Problems with Google Chrome?

I've been using Google Chrome for about a year now and I haven't had any problems until recently. Lately Google chrome has been running really slow. I also can not do anything on Facebook from Google Chrome (like a status, look at pictures, etc.). I also can not look at my work schedule online from Google Chrome. I've had to switch to Internet Explorer for almost everything that I do no the internet! Is there anything I can do to fix these problems? I've always loved Google Chrome but now I may have to use a different browser because of all the problems! (It says my version is up to date) Please help!

dknol answers:

Chrome sucks… It is an over-hyped and over-rated system memory hog… And isn't as secure as many seem to think. Use a different browser.

Linda asks…

Good Ways to find inspiration for writing fictional stories?

I'm a little curious.
I watch fiction movies and read books. Then I will look up reviews or fan work online for other perspectives, or randomly Google things I'm interested in.
What do you do to find inspiration?

dknol answers:

I'm inspired by the people and things around me. Strangers, family, friends, pets, and fictional characters.

Artwork, music, and nature are also good sources for inspiration. Real life situations are good to. You'll find something to inspire you.

The best ideas come naturally. Or by mistake. If you like to draw just start drawing for fun and maybe you can develop a character and put them in a situation.

Or make up a ridiculous situation or idea for a story, make it believable and create characters. These can be used as brain stimulators, practice, or just for fun.

Ruth asks…

Easy Ten Points…if you can work google well, please help me out?

I need to find a COMPLETELY copy of the poem “Two Headed Poems” by Margaret Atwood online.
Not the book, not the collection, the individual poem.
Thanks for the help :)

dknol answers:

I have looked everywhere and here's what I found…

Http:// (her reference site)

but, everywhere I turn I'm getting that “Two Headed Poems” is the name of a collective book she wrote…

Sorry, I tried. Maybe have a look at your local library?

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