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Joseph asks…

how to copyright something online?

I have a few ideas for a nice novel which i want to publish online and keep updated but i have a few questions about copyrights:
1) how do i copyright my work online?
2) how could i stop any1 for claiming it's their work?
3) is there a free hosting site which i can easily customize the way i want it (and which allows google adsense) and will let me publish my works?
what do u mean no? no to which question?

dknol answers:

1. By creating the work, you own the copyright. Registration of the work with the copyright office is not required. Registering the work will enhance the legal penalties you can see (but see #2).

2. You sue them. This is very expensive, and unless they have started making large amounts of money selling your work or you have made a lot of money selling your work, it isn't going to be worth it.

3. The non-free sites can't be customized fully, but you can get very cheap hosting from GoDaddy or A2Hosting.

Laura asks…

is there any work at home online jobs that pays weekly?

im looking for a job that has me working from the computer at home. i found out about google adsense but that pays monthly and they have so many stupid stipulations before i get paid. I keep hearing about weekly payment jobs, then i find out they are just scams. i need to know if there is a legit online job out there that pays weekly

dknol answers:

All scams. I have never heard of one that was legit. If anyone wants cash up front that is a sure sign that it is a scam. Don't do it.

David asks…

how can it possible earning from home using google adsence and dataentry works or any online jobs, cani trusti?

is there any one of you got money from these home based jobs, can i trust some of the sites who give information for these it possible to earn money from home using internet,any one give me correct infomation?i f it is possible give me some trusted sites

dknol answers:

Google adsense u can surely trust it
its very nice things the only thing u need is a good website that is owned by u.

Simply register it with google adsense

Donna asks…

How does online hard drive work?

Online hard dirive provides huge amount of storage for users. Like google drive, gives all users 5GB of storage to start with.
Say there are half billlion users, they need to provide not fewer than 2500000 TB. How can the drive suffer such enormous storage size?

dknol answers:

Leave it to the geeks to handle their forte.
They hv servers all over the world

Mary asks…

Where can a 17 year old get a job?

Ok I am 17 years old and am a junior in high school. My parents said I can get a job if it doesn't interfere with school so I can't go on the 5 5 schedule. I won't have my license for another month. Some people said I can work for google online and make $37 and hour. I'm not greedy, I just want a job so I can ear some money. Are there any websites that show jobs for 17 year olds?

dknol answers:

Any restaurant, clothing store, fast food place, and grocery store. All these places are where most people get their start in the working world. These places are the ones that are the most likely to hire highschool and college kids because they are retail stores which means retail hours. Which also means they are flexible with your hours because they are generally huge company's and they hire a lot of people. So you can work for any of them say on the weekends if you want. And if your parents will let you and you can handle it you can work for say 4 of 5 hours after school on the weekdays as well. All you need to do is tell them the days that you are available to work on the applications. Dont forget to put that you are still in highschool on the application and lists any extra curricular activities you are in or your GPA or anything like that those will help but if you dont have any of those things that's ok as well.

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