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Chris asks…

Where can I find Classical Music for free online to practice ballet?

I am a dancer and I want to practice more at home.
Where can I listen to or download free classical music for barre and center work online for ballet?
Thank you :)

dknol answers:

If you connected to a University of any sort see if the school has a subscription to Naxos Music Library. It has a fantastic selection of online recordings.

If not you can also buy personal subscriptions.

James asks…

What online free movie maker is good to use?

Hi. Umm I was looking for a good online free (download or no dowload) movie maker or video uploader that is a good system that doesn't put viruses on my computer.!

dknol answers:

There's no such thing, I'm afraid. But if you're not shy about using illegal means to obtain one for “free”, I would suggest Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Final Cut (only if you're using a Mac). Unfortunately, I can't post any links without getting suspended, but feel free to google it. I like including seemingly random letters my searches. How about “TPB”?

EDIT: I don't think anyone who's attempted to use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for a serious project would ever consider them “good”.

Betty asks…

Where can I download or play online free virtual breeding cat games?

Where can I download or play online free virtual breeding cat games? i've found some like Pure Felinity, but do you guys know others? i love to breed the cats but most of them don provide pictures of the cats unless you pay.

dknol answers:

Some Online Cat Games

Richard asks…

Is there any other online free video editors than flektor or windows movie maker?

Flektor recently shut down, and my windows movie maker says it cannot upload my camera's type of video file for some reason. I need another online, free, website that I can upload and edit videos. Please help!

dknol answers:

Photobucket is a great web based and FREE editing tools. The software behind it comes from Adobe who make some of the best commercial ($$$) photo and video editors. Also check out Jaycut which allows you to export and save your videos! If you need/want more features downloading VideoSpin, VideoPad or VideoThang are great options. Still free, but you have to download the software. For under $100 you can buy Adobe Premiere Elements.


Charles asks…

What is the best online free calorie count and weight loss site?

I have tried,, and
I am searching for an online free program that will give accurate assessments of food intake. What have you used or are using that you've had success with? Please provide the link for myself and others. Thanks so much.

dknol answers:

Yes i agree my fitness pal is the best and i had actually lost the weight

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