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Jenny asks…

Where could I watch movies online for free that actually work in England?

Also is there any sites where you can watch films that aren't out yet?
What is the blue bubbles website please? I can't find it

dknol answers:

Mark asks…

Do those free online texting programs work?

My plan doesn't have texting and I was wondering if all of the online texting options worked well. They don't charge anything, do they? Any recommendations for the best ones are also welcome

dknol answers:

Well……….there are 3 ways to send text messages. First is obviously using your cell phone but as you know, it does charge you per message, anywhere from 10-15 cents depending on which carrier you're with. 2nd way is to go on the carrier's website, for example…..if you want to send a text message to a verizon phone, go to If it's sprint/nextel, go to . You can send all the text messages you want, for free, but the person who is receiving it is still being charged whatever rate they charged to receive the message. 3rd option is to send a text message in the form of an email. Pretty much all cell phones have email addresses. Verizons email address is Other companies have their own email address format, just dont know what it is since i have verizon.

So yeah, 3 ways……..first is through the phone but you get charged to send, 2nd is to go on the website (you'll see what i'm talking about once you log on to the site), 3rd, send text as an email. 2nd and 3rd options are free to send of course but again, whoever is receiving is it still paying for that incoming message (or whatever text plan they have)

hope this helps.

Sandra asks…

how can i get the contract list of some company which provide home based online jobs on free of cost?

how i can get contract address of such company . which is give me online data entry or any of other work . if u engage in such work u also suggest me .my expenses is about 500Rs. (indian rupees)as i paid for such company plese give me .what is the procedureof getting online free work at home

dknol answers:

Dont search those companies in net… Most of them are fake and they will cheat you… Just refer your friends doing similar type of work and follow them… Better get your intial job in their name itself and if it suits go with your's… Most of them will ask for deposit so only start with your friends name who doing same….

Lizzie asks…

Where is a place I can read nietzsche's works online for free?

dknol answers:


Nancy asks…

working online for free?

yes i like to know how do you get a job working online for free with out paying monthly payments? and what is the name of the companies? people who pay to work online can be expensive. i want free ones . let me know asap

dknol answers:

No free lunch………..scams………………

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