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Ken asks…

Real guys help me for online works. Please let me know if you know well and its free to work.?

I am looking for online works.

I want to work from home, either part time or full time.

ADVERTISERS please don't send me fake ads.

I am looking for genuine and highly paid sites, where I can start earning immediately without any prepayment.

So, if any one knows about good sites on which you people are working please kindly let me know.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

If you know well about good sites then only mention PLEASE.

If you are directing me to some other sites where reality is nothing, then remember, you are just wasting my and your time.

Not only this, besides me there are lot of other people who might get help from true information and also waste their time because of false information.

So, please decide what you want to do

And help the strangers.

dknol answers:

Never ever pay to “start up” over the internet. I've been cheated out of money when I thought I was investing a bit in order to get started, but the company I paid never even helped me make money.

Since then, I've been lucky enough to be introduced to a really great site by my girlfriend. Now I use a website that I really like… In fact, I like it so much I decided to write a blog about it. I don't think you should ever sign up for a website that you aren't informed about, so check out my blog at to learn more and click one of the links to sign up if you're interested. I'm not trying to sell anything, I just think there should be some resources available to people who are looking to earn money online, because it really is possible. Good luck and protect yourself from scammers.

Chris asks…

I want to work online frome home but it should start with free and plz give the experience web site Thanks?

I need to do workonline from home.But I am only interested in that web site which is free.They should not ask for money to start or join, for membership.Please also advice that website which should be experienced by you or any other

dknol answers:

The easiest way to make some extra money online is surveys. You sign up they send you email and then pay you for each survey you take. Do not pay for a list only a few companies pay instead of contest or raffles.

I make some extra money for very little time. Then i would look at affiliate programs you can run internet Business at home. Amazon is simple but you need website of your own and most programs you will need to have own website and learn seo of site to make money unless it is a call center where you answer the phone for customer support. I know this is real work but you need dsl and separate phone line but you can make a second income in your a stay at home person.

Nancy asks…

How can i get CSS (Steam) For Free and Get it To Work online?

Answer please
and dont give me that crap about getting a job im only 13 and there arnt many options

dknol answers:

Lol. Dont. Its crap game. Its 20 bucks and its made in like 2003 lol. Play free fps instead…. You can find a lot online. For example: Soldierfront, operation 7, ava, huxley, wolf team, and lots others. Way too much lol. Check on, aeriagames and ummm lol. GOOD LUCK and choose me best answer plzz :)

Donna asks…

how can we get online money for free working from home?

How can i get a online job working from home without making any investment. Please tell me trustable website for making money

dknol answers:

1. Job for programmer : if you are a software developer or web designer then you can get so many woks for you via

2. Job for all internet user: get paid for writing your review of websites and sofwares, get paid to visit websites, and many more that don't need any skills or experience and the most important part is that there is no deadline to finish the work. Join such jobs at no registration fee from

Joseph asks…

How do I get Modern Warfare 2 for free on PC?

I need help to find an easy way to get the full version of Modern Warfare 2 for PC and it needs to work online too.

It would really help if you left links to websites that DO NOT require any money or accounts.
It needs to be free and work for online play and also not screw up my computer!

dknol answers:

Buy it normally.

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