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Mark asks…

can som1 please tell me an online data entry job where i can start earning immidiately and pay later 4 joining

many online data entry jobs come with a payment b4 one can gain access to work and be paid through their programs, i need one i can be given access to work and then pay later for the access to be a member. i need the answers fast. thanks.

dknol answers:

You can get an online job without spending any fee as

Home based customer service agent
Medical transcriptionist

You can get links of online companies hiring online workers at

Sandy asks…

Is Online data entry a good job to get into?

I applied for online data entry job and I can do it, but i have to do a $50 training thing for it. Is it worth the $50 training?? I dont want to spend that much unless ill make it back fast.

dknol answers:

NO NO NO!!!!

Given that online data entry jobs are always a scam, walk, don't run from it. There's no business case for it. They will take your $50 for training, and you will never hear from them ever again.

Steven asks…

How can i earn money with doing online data entry jos without spending any penny?

How can i earn money with doing online data entry jos without spending any penny, tell me some sites which are free to join and not scams

dknol answers:

This isn't the fastest way to make money, but it's an easy way that doesn't require you to do anything you normally don't do. I like to use “Swagbucks” which is a google-sponsored web search engine. The nice thing is, if you search with Swagbucks, you can earn points for searching and eventually redeem the points for gift cards, iPods and more stuff.

You won't be able to make $50 a week or anything, but if you're going to need to do a web search, why not get paid for something you were going to do anyways? You can sign up for swagbucks here:

It takes a little bit of time to add up to enough points, but I saved them up and then had $30 in Amazon gift cards, which was pretty cool when I needed to buy textbooks from Amazon.

Chris asks…

Is there any review about online data entry jobs?

I want to choose some online data entry jobs, but there are a lot of scams on the internet, I don't know which one is really paid?

dknol answers:

Hey guy, I found an online data entry jobs review,

Ken asks…

Has anyone ever signed up and paid for online data entry job?

If you are someone soliciting for online data entry or someone who has never ever tried it. I do not want to hear your opinion. I always see people say its a scam but have never tried it or signed up for it. I am trying to find out exactly how it's a scam if it really is one at all.
Now see this is what I didn't want. People who have never tried it giving an opinion. Please do not answer if you have never tried it. Thank you!

dknol answers:

I found this article by typing in the following: type at home [scams] I suggest everyone use this type search when trying to find out facts… Don't take someone else's word for it, go do your research…


There are legit type at home jobs though, if you will go to my blog (link in second paragraph) scroll down through the commment section, you will find to resources for working jobs from home…. In one of those resources you will find some companies that offer audio script transcribing and other things of that nature…
~best to you

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