Your Questions About Work Online Data Entry

James asks…

search for online data entry work without investment?

dknol answers:

Online jobs don't exist. You can't take the factory home. If you want to earn online money you need to work on your own. This is actually quite easy to do, but until ou know what you are doing you aren't going to get any money.

Thomas asks…

Dear Sir,I work at home as a Data Entry with free registration online. Pl tell me all prodr mirfan77pk@yahoo?

Dear Sir,
I belong a poor family and search job online as Data Entry Operator with free registration at home. I tell you, I am hardwrok boy, Computer Knowledge and operate all program, My typing speed 45 WPM. Please tell me all procedure of online work as Data Entry Operator at home with free registration. How to create a setup online working at home.
Please mail me and tell me all procedure of working online I wait your answer
Muhammad Irfan

dknol answers:

You can try the data entry, data conversion, CAD, transcription, freelance writing, software and other computer work at home jobs posted on the website . Software jobs will pay well and are easily available, if you are willing to spend some time learning web design, PHP and Java.
All jobs are 100% free but you have to spend time applying for the jobs.

Sandra asks…

Is online Data Entry work True, Confidential ? If any site is provide better suggestion tell me.?

I want to earn many from net so I read many site such as,, …..etc. Its provide a min. $100 one day. (its true or SCAMMED.) but after receiving some many. Please give me a better suggestion what I do.

dknol answers:

Scams will always want you to register at a fee. Find some free to register sites at where you can get some data jobs and other paid online services

Daniel asks…

Does online data entry typying work and is it true one can earn upto $200 per day. It does not sound really?

Please help if someone has any info, and the best site to visit

dknol answers:

DONT DO IT. I did it, well i asked about it and i was told to pay 10 buck through paypal and i would get all the info.they leave u they just give examples of how to call attention like (”do u want to earn bla bla bla)get my point? And its just robbing ppl.thats how u get paid getting 10,15,or 20 bucks per person.its a big waste of time..i didnt officially do it though so gotta give me promps for that.but yeah its a scam

Chris asks…

what's the reality of online work sites, if there is any genuine online data entry work site please send me?

dknol answers:

I am not sure if what you are looking for even exists…,…

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