Your Questions About Work Online Data Entry

Laura asks…

any one doing data entry work online?

i keep getting these ads about making money entering data for different companies online, it seems pretty easy. but there has to be a catch. is it a scam? anyone doing this type of work out there?? let me know!!

dknol answers:

Yeah they are all over the place. It seems too good to be true but some actually come through in the end and provide a nice well put together program that will earn you the money they say. Take a look at a data entry information page like and learn a little bit about data entry programs. They list some of the best legit programs out there and the scam programs to stay away from.

Donald asks…

Hi I am in India is it possible to get some data entry work online so as i can fund my studies?

dknol answers:

There are several freelancing websites on the internet, that have individual jobs for data entry. A few good ones include:

Robert asks…

Where can i find online data entry work.?

dknol answers:

Do your really want to work when you can't even do a search on;_ylt=AkWObWnuXQOVt8Iu_CX9PV.bvZx4?p=online+data+entry+work&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701

I searched on Yahoo for you for “Online Data Entry work” and found the above result.

Daniel asks…

data entry online work?

I am looking for data entry work

dknol answers:

Google is great for this.

Google “webmaster forums” if you like to write. Many webmasters are looking to pay people for well-written articles on many topic.

Google “freelance programmer” if you can program (php, asp, etc). Huge demand for these people.

Google “market research” if you like testing new products and services.

Nancy asks…

I wantto find out a real data entry work, online or offline, no pay of any money.?

dknol answers:

Here are (14) that may help you decide…there are so many different ways, from filling out surveys to being paid to blog. I hope you find the one or more that fits into your needs!

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