Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi Internet

James asks…

T-Mobile G1 Free internet with home wifi?

I'm thinking about getting the G1 from T-Mobile, but I first need to know a little bit about its features. I'm psyched that I can get a phone with access to the internet, but the problem is I don't want to pay for it. Is it possible to browse the web on your G1 with your own wifi at YOUR house (without paying T-Mobile for using the web)?

And if I can use it free how do I know I'm using it free instead of using the wifi from T-Mobile?

AND ONE LAST QUESTION: Does the G1 work as a music player/mp3 player? Does it have any possible headphones?
(Yes I know it doesn't have a headphone socket but I'm wondering if it has headphones that plugs into the charging socket.{like the motorola razor})

dknol answers:

For the internet, you HAVE to pay for it. In order to buy the G1, T-mobile requires you to buy a data plan before they deliver the phone to you. However, the data plan is unlimited: unlimited text, picture message, browsing, IM, etc. (not unlimited minutes though). For this reason, you cannot run your internet on your home wifi. You can go through the T-mobile 3G service, if it's available in your area. If not, you will simply run on the T-Mobile service.

As for the music, it has a wonderful mp3 player. Not only can you download music from your iTunes or Frostwire to your phone, but if you go to the Amazon Application (on the menu screen) you can search for music and download it from there. And you are correct, there is no headphone jack, but interestingly enough, there is a USB port. HTC (the maker of the phone) gives you a headphone jack which inserts into the USB port. The headphones hook up to the headphone jack. You won't even notice!

Overall, I really enjoy this phone. I have researched this phone for about 6 months, before T-Mobile even decided to GET the phone. I can say confidently this phone is right up there with the iPhone, if not better!

Paul asks…

Which of these PDAs/Internet Tablets should I get?

I'm looking for a PDA or internet tablet to buy.
I don't want a phone, just something with wifi internet, preferably something that's able to play videos… But any extras [like voice recorders, built in cameras, mp3 players, ect.] would be nice too. x] I'd also like one that's pretty cheap, and the larger the screen, the better. So far the ones I'm considering are:

HP iPAQ Pocket PC rx1950-

HP iPAQ Pocket PC rx3115-

HP iPAQ Pocket PC rx1955-

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet-
[The price on this isn't really that high, there are some around $150 on ebay x]]

Which should I buy, and why? Also, I'll take suggestions for other ones too. Thanks. =D

dknol answers:

Get somthing that has alot of memory! I had a tablet and it didnt have much memory and could only add like 3-4 songs with out it flipping out. Mine didnt have a camera tho. Now i own a iphone and a psp and i get them confused because they look alot alike and cus i stole the iphones background n stuck it on my psp. Good luck with ur search and check on how long it lasts u dont wanna spend ur money on somthing thats gonna last 1 yr or less.

Sharon asks…

whats a good touchscreen mp3 player to buy?

with wifi internet
good interface (not really important)
and good price
itouch is good but i want a camera on it

dknol answers:

Iphone is the best :)

Carol asks…

Whats the name of this electronic device?

I know its a device you can access wifi internet connection with, im pretty sure it consists of a mp3 player and camera. For some reason the word “Milo” keeps coming up in my head but i know thats not the name but im pretty sure its close to that. Anyone know what its called?
Its the Sony Mylo! Will rate the person who said that with best answer as soon as the time is up, Thanks!

dknol answers:


Steven asks…

how do i put apps on my sansa mp3 player?

hi i brought a sansa the one with the tower and i seen many people and stuff Evan the box says that it has yahoo messenger and wifi and internet radio and also yahoo music but i only got music and vids and pics can any one please tell me how to putt the rest on it

dknol answers:

Could you be more specific, please? Which MP3 player exactly? What do you mean by “apps”? Do you mean apps from the iTunes app store, like ones which go on iPod touches?

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