Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Betty asks…

Where can I find an adapter for my bluetooth mp3 player?

I recently purchase an Ibiza mp3 player. It has wifi and blutooth. I don't already have bluetooth installed in my car. How can I go about getting my mp3 player to play through my car stereo without any wires hanging (bluetooth adapter)???

dknol answers:

Do you have a stock deck? If so its impossible you have to get a deck with bluetooth.

Mark asks…

Is there any cheaper wifi mp3 or handheld tablet than the archos 28?

I really want an mp3 player with wifi. The cheapest I saw was the archos 28 which is around $70 to $90. Is there any others cheaper? Preferably with an app market?

dknol answers:

Not really, there isn't anything much cheaper – you could look into cheaper tablets (not mp4 players) like Coby Kyros ($70-$80) but I don't know how they are like…

Another good (but not cheaper) option is getting a used, or refurbished ipod touch 2nd gen (avoid the 1st gen). I got one, 16gb, bought it used a few years ago – it still serves me well with videos/music and WiFi.

Steven asks…

What Mp3 players are as good as the Ipod touch and have Wifi?

I would buy a Zune but i live in the uk .
I would like an Mp3 player that has games , wifi etc somthing similar to the ipod touch
Zunes are not available in stores over here in the uk so would ebay be the place to look for one ?
thanks for your anewers guys there great!

dknol answers:

This kenzie chick is on crack. The Zune HD is as good OR BETTER than an iTouch. It doesn't have nearly as many apps, but it has a better screen (OLED vs. LCD) and its HD! It doesn't attract fingerprints like the iTouch does, and mainly, ITS A LOT CHEAPER! It lasts longer, and even though there are only about 20 apps, they are all free and amazing quality, unlike the crappy App store apps that are free. Paper toss? Really? No.

Just compare

8 gb iTouch: 180
16gb Zune HD: 180

(sorry that its in dollars, but I think you get the point)

Lizzie asks…

Are there any mp3 players that have or can handle a word processing?

Wifi and a GPS chip would be a plus, but being able to type onto an mp3 player via a bluetooth keyboard would be a dream. Would prefer to avoid the Apple brand if possible, but willing to consider.

dknol answers:

You should look into “semi tablets” like by Archos – models: tablet 28, tablet 32, Archos 43, and Archos 70.

George asks…

How do I install my mp3 player to my laptop?

I have Windows 7 on my laptop. I bought an mp3 player. It's an 8 gig Mach Trio (Not the touch screen. The 1.8 inch screen version). It says it is only compatible with Windows 98-Vista. Not Windows 7. I've been reading online that when you plug the player into the usb, Windows 7 doesn't recognize the mp3 player. Is there anyway to install it anyways, or will it just not work because it isn't compatible.

dknol answers:

I have to figure it will work. One. An mp3 player, other then a ipod and maybe a Zune (never owned one so not sure) is just a flash drive. Two. Vista drivers and Windows 7 drivers are practically the same for most things. Face it they are pretty much the same OS. I often refer to Windows 7 as Vista with SP3. Three. Windows 7 is just good at finding drivers period. Installed a 32 bit copy of Pro on an old Dell. Had my Zonet Wifi USB adapter plugged in during the install. It found drivers for it and it works fine. Never did install the official Zonet ones. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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