Your Questions About Mp3 Players With Wifi

Ruth asks…

Why aren't there any other wi-fi enabled “mp3 players” (things like the ipod touch)?

It occurs to me that there are tons of cool media devices which can do useful things like music/video playback and photo viewing, but i'm at a loss to understand why it is that only the ipod touch offers wifi. This feature, in my opinion makes it far and away the winner. I'm sure if other devices offered this they would be able to compete with the touch in a more meaningful way than they are now. (i'm not talking about competition in sales; i'm talking about overall product coolness.) So can anyone tell me why it is that other devices aren't wifi enabled?

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oh…this is awkward…in the future i'll do some research
thanks though

dknol answers:

It's not the only one that offers wifi , Zune HD not only has wifi , it allows you to sync over wifi. Sansa and Creative Zen both had wifi players as does Samsung.

Lisa asks…

Will the new iPod Touch and wifi-enabled iPods make them the best?

I mean, the problem with the Nano so far has been that there is no video support. And there are no Wifi-enabled iPods either. Now I've heard about these new Nanos with Wifi and video, will it sweep all other mp3 player conteders away?

dknol answers:

Apple has certainly raised the bar. They will never get to the 100% level because you cannot please everyone. What they have done is make is easy to convert the music business to digital. In a couple more years, we won't even remember when we were forced to buy a crappy $20 CD just to get one good song.

With Wi-fi and the Safari browser, they have just nailed a huge market that wants to do a little lite surfing without lugging a laptop around. Homerun in my opinion.

Charles asks…

What are some good mp3 players?

I am thinking about selling my Archos 605 wifi 30GB due to many problems with it. I want an mp3 player (no ipods or archos) that has:
-at least 16GB OR an sd memory card slot
-obviously, music
-fm radio
-either big or medium sized screen
-preferably not too thick

Stuff that would be nice:
-flash based, not hard drive based
I have had a few ipods and I hate apple. They have all broken and twice I sent it in for $30 and they send it back not fixed.

dknol answers:

You pretty much just described an ipod touch. However, if you want some sort of alternative to an ipod you could buy a Microsoft Zune.

Nancy asks…

how to use wifi on a blackberry curve 8530 without a service plan?

i have a blackberry curve 8530 with no plan what so ever. its just a big mp3 player for me right now. i was wondering how i can use the wifi function on it without having to connect it to a phone plan. i mean it literally has no service at all. no calls, no text, no anything. every time i connect it to wifi it wont go through or let me connect to the internet.
can anyone help me?

dknol answers:

If there's a network nearby, it should be able to connect to the network provided that you are able to get past whatever security the network has.

Michael asks…

any MP3 players with a bluetooth,so we can share music?

I have a business idea which is to produce a mp3 player which has bluetooth on it so ppl can share their music with each other.
What do you think about this product. Iphone can only send files through wifi which only avaiable on Iphone.
I think this is a good idea but wondering why there is no such thing on the market yet
I thought about the copyright, I think it is like torrent download, I only provide a product.ppl who want to share music with other can share it on the mp3, but ppl who think it might break the law, just dont do it.
Torrent, file sharing, and all the sharing device breaks the law if ppl who use it.
am I right?
what about limeware

dknol answers:

The reason?COPYWRIGHT!
Unless you want everyone to pay for TWO songs,sharing a song is illegal.
Remember what happened to Kazaa?They were just “sharing” music,but got a $100 million fine instead.

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