Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Betty asks…

How do you sync and mp3 player to Itunes?

My brother got an mp3 player for christmas and he wants to put songs on it
I have an Ipod and know how i got that on itunes, but i plugged in the mp3 player and went on itunes to click sync Ipod but it wont let me click that.
I dnt remember if thats how i got my Ipod to connect to itunes but im pretty sure
Does anyone know how to get an mp3 player to hook up to itunes?

dknol answers:

ITunes can only sync iPods, sorry.
If you want the same songs on the other mp3 player you will have to convert all songs in iTunes into mp3 (right click on song then click convert in the pop up window) and then you can drag and drop them to the mp3 player.
No automatic sync though, its all manual.

Sharon asks…

Is there any mp3 player that can play itunes format music?

Is there an mp3 player that can play itunes songs that you bought?
So, what are some recommended sites for downloading music and if I want tv shows or movies where do I get that?

dknol answers:

ITunes is only compatible with iPods. Clever design by Apple so that you can only use their products to both download music and videos and then play them back on the move. The good thing is though, with any other make of mp3 player you have got much more choice of where you download from from. I've got two portable media players (not iPods) and I use several different sites for my downloads.

Sandra asks…

How do you import a mp3 player downloaded song to itunes?

How do you import a mp3 player downloaded song to itunes?

dknol answers:

1) Locate the song on your PC
2) Start iTunes
3) File / Add Files to Library

George asks…

What is a good music player that i can use on my computer to sync my mp3 player to?

i'm sick of using windows media player. i heard that you can use some program that allows you to use a non-ipod mp3 player on itunes, this true? any other good players you can think of too would be awesome.

dknol answers:

Try winamp….

Paul asks…

How do you sync songs to an mp3 player with iTunes?

My sister got an mp3 player for christmas
i have an iPod nano. I use iTunes and I know how to sync those songs on to my iPod. The radioshack employee said that you can use iTunes for mp3 players too, but im not sure how.

dknol answers:

I have an ipod and an mp3 also. What i do is plug in my mp3 and when the autoplay screen comes up i make sure that my itunes player is selected. Once you play your mp3 on itunes you can basically sync because itunes recognizes there's some device connected to the computer that it can sync to.

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