Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

David asks…

How do i put music from my mp3 player onto my itunes library?

How do i put music from my mp3 player onto my itunes library?

dknol answers:

Click on “file” and “import folder” in itunes. Then highlight the songs, click “advanced” and “convert to AAC”.

William asks…

Can I use itunes with a samsung mp3 player?

I'm thinking about getting a Samsung T10 instead of an ipod because it's cheaper and I think it's looks a lot better than an ipod. However, I've boughta few songs and videos on itunes and all my music is already on itunes. I've heard that you can use pretty much any mp3 player with itunes and I want to know if I could use itunes to put music on the samsung mp3 player i want.

dknol answers:

Music files from itunes are drm-laden. In order to play them on mp3 players other than ipod and iphone, you need a special program to help strip off the protection and convert the itunes m4p, m4b, m4a music to mp3. I always use tuneclone. My friend introduced it to me. It automatically generates a virtual cd burner, with which the music files can be converted at very high speed.

You can learn more about it from:

Mark asks…

How do I transfer songs from iTunes to a regular mp3 player?

I want to transfer some songs to my Sony Walkman mp3 player from iTunes but idk how.

dknol answers:

You'll need to find the folder where iTunes hides your music within your computer somewhere.
Once you do, just Ctrl + A, and C+P into ur mp3 folder

Betty asks…

What is the main site needed for the creative zen mp3 player like an ipod would use itunes?

note: i dont need to know where to download songs and such i just need the main site for it.. like with an ipod, usually you would download songs from limewire then take them onto itunes.. i need to know the program for the mp3 player that itunes is for an ipod.

dknol answers:

I have a zen and i use limewire to download my songs like you said and then to get them on my player i use the Creative Zen Media Explorer or the Creative MediaSource Organizer that come as software when you buy it.

Daniel asks…

Where can I get music for my mp3 player but not itune ors limewire?

Where can I get musci for my mp3 player but not itune ors limewire?

dknol answers:

Try or

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