Your Questions About Mp3 Players That Work With Itunes

Maria asks…

Will itunes work with something other than an iPod?

I recently had an iPod, but then someone stole it. I am now planning on buying an mp3/mp4 player. Will I be able to put my songs that are on my iTunes library onto the mp3 player? Will I even be able to put my video on it?

dknol answers:

ITunes is strictly used for iPods (Including Touch and iPhone). But you can always find your music folder and all of your music is there to import into windows media player or what ever program your new MP3 comes with.

Chris asks…

Sony MP3 Player and iTunes?

I am going to get a Sony MP3 player soon and I was wondering if it is compatible with iTunes. The MP3 player is a SONY NWZ-A816 4GB WALKMAN VIDEO MP3 PLAYER ( PINK). I think I read somewhere that it can work with iTunes but I'm not sure.

dknol answers:

No. Only the iPod is compatible with itunes. You'll have to use windows media player or rhabsody media player or another media player.

Mark asks…

Is there a MP3 player that works with both itunes & WMP?

dknol answers:

You could try a creative…

Betty asks…

How do I get music from Windows Media Player to Itunes?

I had an MP3 Player that didn't work with Itunes, so I had to use Windows Media Player to get songs on it. I recently bought an Ipod and now I want to transfer all the music I have to Itunes to put on my Ipod. I need help doing this though.

dknol answers:

Easy, just select all songs from Wmp and drag them to iTunes.

Susan asks…

How can I get format failure songs to work on my mp3 player?

I bought a generic mp3 player off of ebay- but it can barely work with any of my songs that I downloaded off of limewire- it doesn't even work with the songs I bought legally off of itunes! help me somebody!

dknol answers:

Convert it!

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