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Helen asks…

How do I download songs from the internet to MP3 player?

My husband is going overseas with the military so we got him an MP3 player but we don't know how to download songs.

dknol answers:


First off, you need to know what mp3 player it is. If it is an iPod, you will need to download iTunes to add music. If it is any other mp3 player, windows media play works well.

Secondly, you need to add music to either iTunes or Windows Media Player so that it can be added to the mp3 player or iPod.

You can get music from loads of websites, some are really cheap, starting at 9cents a song so you can fill the whole mp3 player for $30!

I used That should help you pick a mp3 download website, then all you need to do is download all the songs you want on the mp3 player.

Once you have done that, if it is an iPod you have, follow this guide:, if it is a normal mp3 player, open up Windows Media Player and your music will be there.

All you then need to do is export/sync either library (WMP or iTunes) to the mp3 player and your done.

Hope the helps you out! Good luck

Mark asks…

How to make Phone calls from MP3 player?

I recently read a customer review for a Sansung-T10 MP3 player that stated that they were able to make calls with it. Does anyone know if this is truly possible, and what the process would be? Thank you.

dknol answers:

You have to have a bluetooth cell phone paired with it . Then you can make calls from the player. I have the Samsung p2 it does the same thing.

Robert asks…

What is the best MP3 player to fit my needs?

Basically, I want an MP3 player that will hold somewhere around 2,000-3,000 songs or more. I'll use it when I work out at the gym, or around the house. I want it to have video on it if my family takes a long trip or something. Good navigation and interface, as well as holding pictures.

dknol answers:

Most MP3 players that will carry 2000-3000 songs are going to be heavy, so if you work out a lot, you may want to buy a smaller player. The iPod Shuffles are about the size of a quarter and can carry like 1gb of music (150+ songs), which makes them much better for that purpose.

For the 30gb+ players, there are actually many options for you. I purchased a Microsoft Zune before the new year. I found that the best way for me to research different players was to first find out what is all out there. I went to places that sell MP3 players, like and and found what interested me.

I am currently using a Microsoft Zune. It has an awesome 3″ (diagonal) screen for viewing video, even though it has the same amount of pixels as the smaller screened iPod Video. The Zune is noticeably larger than the iPod Video, but is scratch-resistant. It isn't major scratch resistant as I have already cut or scratched the screen. I have heard of people purchasing iPods and they get scratched while they are being taken out of the box. The Zune lacks a clock, which I find puzzling. I still prefer the iTunes software over the Zune software, but it is extremely easy to get music on both. Also, the iPod interface is superior to that of the Zune's, as it includes games and an easy way to navigate to a specific point in a movie or song. The Zune does have a customizable background, which I find very appealing as I can use awesome pictures for that purpose. The Zune has an FM radio, as well.

If you go to and look up the MP3 players, you will see that most of them have reviews, which can help you a lot in deciding on a player.

Make sure to buy a player that is visually appealing to you, as you will probably be looking at it for a long time.

A few MP3 player manufacturers are:
Apple iPod
Creative Labs

Here is a page on some MP3 players that have video, music, and photo:

Linda asks…

Is there a portable mp3 player that displays lyrics when a song is playing?

I'm looking to buy an mp3 player soon, and I wondered if maybe this feature is enabled in any of the mp3 players on the market today. Even if it is possible to look at a page of the lyrics while the song is playing would be good enough.

dknol answers:

I have a Samsung YP-T8X and it allows me to read .txt files while listening to my mp3 songs.

This player is kind of old. The new one from samsung is the YP-2.
This new seems to have the same function as my old T8X one so I'm assuming that you would be able to do the same.

Here is a link reviewing the product I have and will allow you to read text while listening music:

Richard asks…

What do you think of a Samsung mp3 Player?

Hi, I am planning on getting a new mp3 player, specifically the Samsung T10. I would like to hear your opinions about it; both the pro and con. Um, from what I hear, Samsung is pretty good. Oh, also, if anyone knows where to purchase it, that would be nice; oh, specifically somewhere in San Jose. Thank you for your help and advice/opinions.

dknol answers:


there ya go mate

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