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Robert asks…

What types of videos can I download to RCA Opal 8gb mp3 player?

I am considering purchasing the Opal 8gb MP3 player from RCA. Will I be able to download entire movies onto it? What about TV shows from online sources, such as CBS or ABC? How good will the picture quality on these videos be?

Also, I read on a review that it will not download music from an online source, is this true? Has anyone had experiences with this product?

dknol answers:

Hey I just got the Opal 8g for christmas and I like it so far. It definately has enough space for movies and TV shows, the price very good for the amount of space it has!

I haven't had trouble downloading music at all, but like any Mp3 player you cannot download music directly from itunes onto it. I buy the music from itunes and then burn them to a CD and put them in windows media player and then sync them onto the mp3. Its not as annoying as it sounds.

Unfortunately there is no way to buy movies and videos from itunes and put them on the player but you can use conversion sites likes to take videos from utube and you can probably buy videos from sites other than itunes. Right now I am downloading bittorrent so I can get movies, but I am not sure if it is legal!!

One last thing, I am not sure about CBS but as for the picture quality I just watched an episode of scrubs on it and I thought the small screen and everything would annoy me but it didn't, and I just kinda forgot I was watching it on my mp3.

The only problem I am having and trying to fix now is that I don't think you can put playlists onto the player, the songs are sorted by artist and album etc. But I wanted to make a group of sings to listen to while Im jogging and so far thats impossible.

Soo… Its a little bit of effort to get the songs and videos especially if you want to use itunes but its like that for a lot of players and this one is a steal for 8gbs!

Hopee this helps!

Laura asks…

How do I rate or star songs on my Creative Zen?

I just got a Creative Zen, 8GB. Sweet little MP3 player. Several reviews mention that you can rate songs, and I can se star images in some screens. But I can't for the life of me see how a song GETS starred.

I'm listening to it right now, with lots and lots of music loaded. It seems if I here a song, I should be able to “star” it, but I just don't see how.

Detailed responses appreciated.

dknol answers:

When the song is playing press the middle button the one in the square you will go to the star screen.The pree the square button up to rate.

Jenny asks…

How can I make sure my mp3 player isn't loud enough for people around me to hear?

My teachers sometimes let us listen to iPods or mp3 players in class, but I never know when it's loud enough for the people around me to hear it. How can I make sure its low enough so that everyone else can't hear it? I have a Sony Walkman mp3 player, BTW.

dknol answers:

Basically any in ear headphones should be fine. If you're using on ear headphones, just ask someone next to you if they can hear it. Also, different headphones have a different amount of “leak,” which is how much sound escapes from them. Look at reviews for headphones that say they have little leak.

Susan asks…

What is the most reliable mp3 player brand?

My Creative Zen Nano has just died (again) and I want to get a new mp3 player, but I was wondering which brands make the most/least reliable ones. I don't want anything huge, and I definitely don't want an iPod.

dknol answers:

The iRiver clix 2 is a great MP3 player.
The website has loads of reviews on MP3 players as well

Sandra asks…

What is a decent mp3 player other than an IPOD?

I am looking for an mp3 player with at least 8 gb up to 100 dollars. I like the idea of the sansa fuze, but there are some negative reviews that I don't like. I would like something that is also easy to figure out to do videos. I assume you can put movies on them. The next question is how and what format i'd have to put movies in. Right now i use dvd fab to get the movies digital.

dknol answers:

Check out the creative zen. Easy to use and simple. Not sure completely on what format video files have to be in, though i use avi.

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