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Laura asks…

What is the best mp3 player out there?

I have been doing some reasearch about different mp3 players after purchasing an ipod nano as a gift for my best friend. Although the nano is great, it is a bit of a pain due to all the proprietary software through itunes. My friend has hundreds of songs he listens to through a subscription with Rhapsody and it is imposible to use the subscription with the nano since they are incompatible. I have read great reviewson a Sansa e 200 series from Scandisk as well as other reviews for iRiver. Does anyone have any experience with these players or any other players good enough to recommend? I am thinking of purchasing one for myslef or maybe trade my friend the nano for it….Any advise on which non ipod player to get?

dknol answers:

There are two non ipod mp3 players that would be good. The Sansa e200 series mp3 player, two of my friends have those and it is compatible with rhapsody, they claim. Another option is the Microsoft Zune, which has excellent capabilities, it even tells you what song is playing on what radio station since it has such a strong FM radio.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know out of the Zune MP3 player or the Sony MP3 player which is better?

I want to but an MP3 player but am stuck between the Zune (by microsoft) or a Sony. I have all Sony electronics and am very happy with them, but have heard nothing about the Sony MP3 player. I have heard many good reviews on the Zune. Anyone have any info they can give me that would be great! Thanks!

dknol answers:

Sony is definitely not know for their MP3 Players.

Zunes are awesome, I love them. I'd go for the Zune hands down.

Mary asks…

what music engine and MP3 player would you suggest?

For a long time we have been using Yahoo Music as our main music engine. Recently our computer experienced a bug of sorts, and we were unable to use or reinstall the Yahoo jukebox. While trying to get this problem fixed, we branched out and explored other engines like Napster and Rhapsody, and we got to wondering if perhaps there might be a better option then what we have now.

Also, I have been in the market for a portable MP3 player. I have a small Sandisk player that has proved unsatisfactory (it won't work with many music engines, including Yahoo). I have always wanted an Ipod, but I hear mixed reviews on them, although I know that some of that is just bias. I was wondering what recommendations I could receive on online music services and MP3 players. Which ones would you recommend?

Please only answer if you have actually had experience with the service/player you are commenting on, I want answers based on experience rather than opinion.

dknol answers:

I use limewire and I have an ipod shuffle. I like both of them but I have found it difficult to actually transfer the songs to the ipod- it takes some playing around to actually do it. I use the ipod to work out cuz it's small enough that I dont have to worry about it coming off and falling all over the place. The only downfall is you can't see which song is actually playing, which is not something I really cared about (I put all the songs on there so I know I like them anyways). The battery life is super long – Ive had it about 4 months now and charged it twice

Thomas asks…

Where to buy the new Zunes mp3 players in Sydney?

Hi I was considering gettin an iPod since the screen on my old zen vision:m cracked until i saw i review on the new 80G zunes and thought they looked rly cool. I looked around a bit online and the only place i cud find that sold them in sydney was ebay.

Does anyone know of any other good places to buy them in Sydney?

Thanx for the help

dknol answers:

Sadly, they are only available ONLINE – unless you live in either Canada or the US…

Currently, there is only word about a EUROPEAN release in Fall '09 – but nothing about Australia (or the rest of the world) :(:(

Richard asks…

waterproof Mp3 players-Which one should I get?

I'm looking into getting a waterproof Mp3 player for swimming and I'm not sure which one to go for. A lot of them seem to have very mixed reviews. Has anyone had any experience with a particular make that was either really good or really bad? I was thinking of getting a Speedo Aquabeat

dknol answers:

I prefer the Speedo Aquabeat this one has a 2 gb size and it works great in the pool. I use mine several days a week.

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