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Nancy asks…

I want to get a friend an mp3 player for her birthday?

I want to get a friend an mp3 player for her 21st birthday. She already told me she doesn't want an ipod. Anyone got a suggestion to something that might be comparable? Also, I'd like to not spend more than $75. I know it's a stretch, but I'd really appreciate the help!

dknol answers:

Sony – Walkman 8GB* MP3 Player – on sale for $109 at best buy or
Samsung – Q2 8GB* MP3 Player – on sale for $79 at best buy

if you go to a electronics store they could probably help you pick the best for what you want it to have. I love my ipod but, that is just me!

Mandy asks…

Whats the difference between an mp3 player and an ipod?

Okay yesterday my dad asked me whats the difference between an ipod and an mp3 player. and i didn't know the answer so i was wondering if you do??

dknol answers:

An ipod is an mp3 player

An mp3 player plays digital files portably.
All ipods are mp3 players but all mp3 players are not ipods.

Do NOT buy a shuffle, ever.
They are the BIGGEST waste of money.
The shuffle does nothing but randomnly plays music files, well any little mp3 player can do that. You can find an mp3 player on sale that does more than the ipod shuffle for 15 dollars, easily. The ipod shuffle is 50 bucks!

Ipod classics and nanos are worth the money cuz you can scroll and see what you are doing and arrange playlists and are easier to use than other mp3 players, but the ipod shuffle is the biggest waste of money when it comes to mp3 players.

At Target right now they are clearancing 2 gig creative zens for 20 bucks that have screens so you can actually look for songs, unlike the shuffle.

Anyone that buys a shuffle really just doesnt like their money.

Daniel asks…

Are there any Mp3 player that is cheaper but similar to the ipod touch?

My mom wants to me to find stuff for Christmas and I only want the ipod touch. Is there any mp3 player like the touch that I can use WIFI connection and use applications such as myspace and aim?

dknol answers:

I'm not sure about any Mp3 players that can connect to wifi quite like the iPod Touch does. All of the iTunes applications (such as myspace, and aim) will be limited exclusively to the touch sadly, but there are a few good (and a few scary) knock-offs out there.
The “Optimus Touch” is a $109 knock-off fresh from China this month. The interface quite resembles the iPod Touch, complete with similar looking icons, and of course, a touch screen. A reviewer commented that the touch screen wasn't as responsive as they would've liked, but again, you get what you pay for.

On sale at Amazon since July 30th, the $105 media player (from Portronics sports 2GB internal memory) includes a mini SD slot for another 4GB, 2.8″ touch screen, plays video, plays audio, and can hold images. (MP3, WMA, MPEG-4[AVI] and JPEG). It also includes a build in speaker, FM tuner, and a built in microphone. This is definitely a nicer looking knock-off, compared to the next one i'll show you.

Unlike the two others, this knock-off has basically failed at making a desirable product. Okay, so it has the touch screen, a few more accessories. BUT LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE THING! As the blog says, it's a “Mammoth”! If you have room in your pocket for this monster be my guest, but again there are a few problems that it still can't hold the Myspace and Aim applications that you're looking for.

My honest opinion is that if you want to get an iPod Touch, or something similar, go right for the 8GB Second-Generation iPod Touch that Apple came out with (around $229 if i'm correct), or purchase the first model that sells on ebay for less than $150 when there are sales. You get what you pay for, and in the electronics industry, it all comes down to quality. If you shell out $.99 at those headphones at walmart, what do you get? A pair of headphones that bearly last for a week without falling to bits. I'm afraid that it's the same case with the knock-offs. No sooner will you be shelling out $100 less for it than the Apple brand, will you encounter an issue, theoretically, and find that you should've gone all out for seomthing that is going to last a longer amount of time. I understand how parents think, but try to talk to her about how much you want the iPod touch, she might see some points you're trying to make :]
Best of luck!

Laura asks…

Is it illegal to sell a Mp3 Player with songs in it?

My friend wants to sell his old MP3 player, and try to get more money from the sale, by leaving the songs that he has on it, and upping the price a bit. I thought that that was illegal, but he didn't think so. Is this legal? He bought all the songs originally.

dknol answers:

If he payed for them then it shouldnt be a problem. Its his property hes not making and selling copies

Paul asks…

Where can I find radios that can connect to your mp3 player?

Where can I find radios that can connect to your mp3 player? Not for a car but for home use, like I want one in the bathroom so I can listen to it while I am getting ready for work.

dknol answers:

K Mart has a sale on a great speaker system for only 19.99. I cant remember what the name of it is but it works by batteries or plug into a wall outlet. I bought myself one and my husband one for work. I bought another one just to have for an extra Christmas gift if needed. You can't beat the price and it is in the sale paper this week on sale until Sunday. I purchased mine when it was regular priced at 49.99 and my husbands when it went on sale this week. You can't beat the price anywhere. It gives out great sound and I could not be happier with mine. It is not a radio though just a speaker system but I love it. Easy to carry from room to room, and I use mine for the same purpose you stated. When I am getting ready for work. Love it.

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