Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Sale

Thomas asks…

Is the mp3 player on the motorazr V3m easy to use?

I'm planning on buying the Red Motorazr V3m from U.S. Cellular. I was talking to the sales rep guy about the Motokrzr K1 phone with the mp3 player. But I don't really like the krzr b/c the screen is not as big as the razr and it feels 10x more delicate than the razr and I'm afraid I'll drop it(since the front is like all glass). The guy told me that the Red V3m has mp3 capability it just doesn't have the external mp3 controls. Is the mp3 player easy to use on the Red Motorazr V3m? He also mentioned that I'd would have to buy a microSD memory card for storing music and photos…how much do those cost?

dknol answers:

It is hard to get all the equipment but after that it is very easy. I should know, i have a RAZR V3m too w/ music.

Ruth asks…

my sister is buying an MP3 player for her 4 year old. i think she's crazy, she says she's practical…

she says she's being practical since the 4 year old tries to get her older sister's MP3 player. and since they're on sale at toys r us, she thinks it's for the best. i think 4 1/2 is a little small for such a high tech device. what do you think?

dknol answers:

Not crazy, INSANE!! LOL What is she gettign her next YEAR?

George asks…

Which mp3 player is better, trio touch or sylvania touch?

i want to buy a new mp3 player from big lots, and these two are both on sale for $30. Which one is better. they both have built in cameras, and i do not want a phone, or an ipod.

dknol answers:

They are both generic brands, more or less at the same”level” of quality – Trio (by MachSpeed) and Sylvania (by Curtis).Either way, for $30-$40 however don't expect it to:

1) Use WiFi to surf – the “Explorer” or “Browser” are there to do this actions between the files.

2) Play DRM music and videos (Digital Right Menegment) – these are some of the files that you get from online stores (not all though).

3) Have apps, games, or online store/ option to add more then the ones that are alredy inside (though it depends on the model and year).

I say try Trio since some people had diffculties with the simpler players of Sylvania (their non touch players).

William asks…

Should I buy an I pod or a MP3 player for my 18 yr old for Christmas?

How do they work? I dont know what they are.
Target has an I pod in their sale flyer today, and I am trying to decide how much money to spend since my kid has asked for one. How do you decide how much money to spend?

dknol answers:

He'll get more use out of an ipod.
They both download songs or information from the computer so you can listen to them with headphones.
Mp3 player is just music
ipod holds alot more than music

Paul asks…

Is there any way to use the CNC Jumper II Mp3 player without the software?

I recently bought one of these mp3 players at a garage sale. I have not tried to use it with the computer yet, but I did research and figured out it usually comes with a disc. Is there still a way to put the music on the mp3 player without the disc?

dknol answers:

Sometimes when you link a device like an MP3 player to your computer, windows will search for software for you. Also, you may have to run a few searches on the web to find a free copy of the software.

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