Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Mary asks…

What is a good, cheap, reliable MP3 player?

OK, here's the deal. My family picked up a “Secret Santa” slip from my moms work.

(If you don't know what that is, its essentially families who struggle to get by, but still want Christmas presents for their kids put a wish list into a box, and you can pick one up through your work/school/whatever, and buy presents for the less fortunate kids.)

Anyway, the kids of the family that we happened to get want MP3 players for Christmas. I know iPods are generally considered the best music players out there, but we aren't exactly rolling in money, and would like to find a cheaper solution. That being said, we don't want to cheap out too much and give them a crappy MP3 player…

In short, what we are looking for is 2 or 3 relatively cheap, well built/reliable MP3 players that two kids would want for Christmas.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

dknol answers:

SanDisk, Creative, Samsung & Sony

Steven asks…

What MP3 player should I get for my teens?

Feeling a little overwhelmed here-Don't want my teens to be in the “dinosaur” age with their MP3 player, but can't figure out which one to get. Want something that can play videos as well as store music. Has anyone had luck with a really good MP3 player they can recommend?

Also – once we get the MP3 players, what do I need to know about downloading music? A good website? Fees involved?

Thanks everyone!

dknol answers:

Your child will definately WANT an iPod because Apple has really done its homework on how to make a marketing miricle happen. The iPod is a status symbol. They are marketed to be the thing that everyone must have.

Some of the things Apple won't tell you (along with the sheeple here) is that iPod won't work without iTunes. You have to use it to import files. It also won't play WMA files which is the default format for Windows Media Player. The batteries have a notoriously short life at which time Apple expects you to throw away the iPod and get a new one because guess what? The Battery is non-user replaceable. Oh and also, when the battery goes so goes all the music on it. Music is not transferable from one iPod to another (without hacking code which is illegal) and if you send it in to get the battery replaced (be prepared to be without your player for two months) chances are it will come back either wiped (all music erased) or if they have a particularly busy week they will do you the favor of just sending you a new iPod. All for a $50 service fee if the player is off warrnty (which it will be). Yes, all those $.99 songs your kid bought will just be gone and they will have to buy them all over again.

But then again your kid wants one and all their friends have them, so you should just buy an iPod.

Check out the Zen and the Lyra. Both excellent players that don't require that you use another operating system just to load songs.

Sandy asks…

Do you judge your peers on the brand of their phone or mp3 player?

I fear I can see the “Apple” i-phone/pad/pod becoming the technological equivalent of Nike or Adidas in the world of sportswear, pushing out better or cheaper products through super marketing to young people who aren't responsible for the purchasing of the goods. 15 years ago school kids were famously judged by their peers on their brand of sports shoes. Are they now judged on their brand of phone or MP3 player?

dknol answers:

Why would you judge peers over what brand of their phone or mp3 player they have?

William asks…

Can the glass on the display of an mp3 player be replaced?

My kid has a off brand mp3 player (similar to an ipod) and the display glass is cracked. Can this be fixed? If so, how?

dknol answers:

I've never known anyone who has had this problem….check at Best Buy….or radio shack, if anyone can tell you they can, it may be costly….sometimes those things can cost most then the product !!!!!!!

Mark asks…

Is it fair to ban Apple iPods but not other brands of MP3 players during school field trips?

My cousin is going on a field trip with her 9th grade class on a bus, and one of the rules is that kids cannot bring Apple iPods. But they are allowed to bring other brands of MP3 players, just not Apple. I totally agree with the rule, but I was wondering if you thought it was fair/unfair? Oh, and cell phones of any brand are not allowed either (which I also agree with).

dknol answers:

Well it doesn't sound fair no but perhaps the school ban them incase someone loses theirs and the school are held responsible. Apple iPod's are expensive things.

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