Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Jenny asks…

Are new mp3 players and cell phones overrated?

Do you think the new mP3 players and cell phones have kids acting like they are the stuff and show off songs and stuff. Well, it seems like more kids have new cells/mp3‘s and etc. If you don't have a cell or mp3 it's uncool. What do you think?

dknol answers:

They're nice to have, but are definitely overrated. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that a few years down the road today's “cool” and “popular” cell phones and i-pods, which people spend hundreds of dollars on, will be obsolete. Like take for example, those new 8gb mini-ipods with screens. Many kids think it is cool to have one, but it's ONLY 8 gigs…yet is almost as expensive as the older larger ipods that have 80gb. Some people will buy anything name brand no matter how expensive or low quality/memory space it is.

I have a cell phone and mp3 player, but I only use the cell phone when necessary. I think people overuse, misuse, and take today's technology for granted.

Mark asks…

What is the difference between an Ipod and a Mp3 player ?

I was thinking about getting my 8 yr old a Mp3 player and i was wondering what the big difference was in them, can you download the songs from itunes onto mp3 players? Please give me some details . thanks deb :)
If you get a mp3 where do you download songs from ?

dknol answers:

I got an mp3 player and when i tried to put files i downloaded from itunes on it the folder with itunes music in it appears empty because i believe that they only work on ipod. There is no way to get itunes music onto a regular mp3 player. For as the big difference, ipods are just the apple brand of mp3 players. They are usually of higher quality and more features depending on your model of ipod. For and 8 year old you dont need all kinds of features and storage space, so i would reccomend a 2gb ipod shuffle which is about 60$. It doesntn have all kinds of features and is simply meant to play music. It only holds a few hundred songs which is small considering how big most mp3 players hold and is the right size for an 8 year old. Whatever you do do not buy a massively mini media player by tiger electronics. It is the worst mp3 player you can buy. It holds sometimes only 20 minutes worth of music depending. Also the headset on it doesnt work right. As i said, the best thing for an 8 year old would be something like an ipod shuffle with a small amount of memory because it is not confusing and doesn't have all kinds of unnessesary features. For an 8 year old, you really just need that shuffle. Check it out on the apple website. Hope you find the right one for your kid!

George asks…

Is it fair to ban Apple iPods but not other brands of MP3 players during school field trips?

My cousin is going on a field trip with her 9th grade class on a bus, and one of the rules is that kids cannot bring Apple iPods. But they are allowed to bring other brands of MP3 players, just not Apple. I totally agree with the rule, but I was wondering if you thought it was fair/unfair? Oh, and cell phones of any brand are not allowed either (which I also agree with).

dknol answers:

IPods can be banned as long as it's only the iPod Touch since it's basically the iPhone without the phone part…other iPod models like the Nano and Classic should be fine since they function the same as any other MP3 player.

Steven asks…

What website can you download music with an Eclipse MP3 player?

I'm trying to find websites besides itunes to download songs from my mp3 player. I want my own page, I dont want to share an itunes page with my kids. I want a blank page. What websites are out there?

dknol answers:

My family usually borrows music CDs from our local library and rips them into the computer. Then they can be sync'ed with any music player you want. I have not ever heard of a “pirating” case being filed against a person who did this, and it is a free option. Most “free” music downloads from the internet are usually illegal, or are part of a promotion from a subscription site.

Lisa asks…

How can i get this movie on this mp3 player?

My mp3 player is COBY brand and the movie i want on it is Karate kid ,,wich i have on my computer
in .wmv form and i dont know what form te movie needs to be for the mp3 player. if you dont know please atleast give me the website for the mp3 player.

dknol answers:

Most generic mp3 players play .avi format.

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