Your Questions About Mp3 Players For Kids

Sandy asks…

How Do MP3 Players work? My Son wants one for!?

I have no idea what these are except that you play music on them,
Do you have to buy music for them, what is the best way for kids to get music on them? Does it cost? What is a descent MP3 player for the price?

dknol answers:

MP3 players all work in generally the same way, they contain a section of memory ((either a Hard Disk, Flash Memory, or memory card such as Sd/Xd)) which allow files to be written to them, it is important to note that you CAN put any file onto an MP3 player but the player it self will only play the music files in one of a few formats, most will play MP3 (a standard high quality music format), WMA(Windows Media Audio), or M4A(Apples Standard ITunes format).

There are a number of ways that you can get music for these that are legal and illegal I will only go into the legal measures, there are now services externally that allow you to download and add files to your MP3 player, each will come with it's own distinct service each of which will allow you to purchase the files at a low charge usually $0.99 a piece. You also Via the DMCA are allowed to media shift from a CD that you currently own to an MP3 which is able to be done by a number of media players such as (Winamp) and Windows Media Player, each of these offer the ability to rip, or pull off of the CD at a slightly lower quality, a section of the CD to an MP3 or WMA file which can then be used on an MP3 player. This does not cost anything

Depending on what you are looking for in MP3 players there are a number that are good for the price, if you are looking for the “popular” MP3 player then

IPod video is a good choice at $240-$300 and offers some of the largest storage as it contains a mini Hard Drive and it can also play video's which is a bonus feature that makes it cost as much as it does

another good choice for a standard MP3 player would be

Creative Zen, this player has a few different models some that play Video and some that don't and the cost ranges from $200-$275 and also contains a mini Hard Drive

Finally there are smaller MP3 Only players that run on Memory Cards or Flash Memory a few options in this category are:

SanDisk Sansa Player which is a smaller profile than either of the previously listed as it doesn't have a Hard Drive, for $60 you can get a 1GB version of these.

Also offered is

Creative MuVo also a smaller profile without a hard drive, you can find one of these at 1GB for $120 ((In this case you are paying for the Name Recognition of Creative Labs, a well known audio company))

finally in this catagory is

Ipod Shuffle this player by Apple is the newest addition at the size of a standard bag clip but also not containing a hard drive at 1GB the cost for this is $110

personally I don't think that something larger than a gig is needed unless your son is going to be driving for more than a few days straight, but the easiest interface is the IPod this allows for easy song selection and also has a very easy connection to the PC for file transfer. Each song runs between 2-4 MB on average meaning that a 1GB player will hold around 256 to 512 songs.

Donna asks…

Do you have an mp3 player that?

My kids want an Mp3 player for x-mas. Does anyone use one that is not iPOD. Can the other brands like Memorex or Zen be good enough? My kids are 13, 12 &11. We have limited funds for x-mas. are the $50 -$100 ones good enough?

dknol answers:

The more money you pay the better. $50-$100 is too low for a decent mp3 player. I suggest raising your budget to atleast $150.

Daniel asks…

mp3 player for a 3 year old? (10 POINTS!)?

i want to give my 3 year old niece, who absolutely loves music, a mp3 player for christmas. i know she is only 3, but when ever i go and visit her she begs to listen to my itouch… i have checked for CHILD SAFE mp3 players, but the only one that i can find is the kid tough fp3 player from fisher price – $50. :( im kinda on a budget and can only spend $30 max, but am hoping to spend more like $20… anyone know of where i can get a kid tough mp3 player while still sticking to my budget? 10 POINTS!
for the fourth answer- to peace…
i checked, and it sounds exactly like what i need! but i cant find the coupons… if you can point those out to me, i will gladly give you best answer! :)

to everyone else, i looked into the mini AND a shuffle but i am afraid that she will accidentally break it… :( the child tough feature is a must!

dknol answers:

Ipod mini because it comes with a clip and you can put more than 500 songs and 1 the answer above me is wrong it actually cost 54.99 so ha hoped i helped

Chris asks…

MP3 Player for my 3-year-old?

I have a 3-year-old daughter who has been using my ancient walkman cd player to listen to her baby songs. She loves it, but it's getting pretty old and broken.
I want to get her something new for Christmas. Something that she can pretty much operate herself, and something that isn't too fragile (although she doesn't manhandle things too badly).
I have looked high and low for rugged cd players for kids, but only find cute ones that are exactly the same as all the others.
I noticed that fisher price makes fp3 players, and I would absolutely get it, but I noticed that people complained about it not working with Vista, which is what computer program I'm using!
Otherwise, I have considered the iPod shuffle (but I have an iPod too and I'd be so scared that my music would accidentally get onto hers) and I really don't know what to do here!
Please help. Thanks.

dknol answers:

The iPod shuffle isn't that bad of an idea.
It's a fairly cheap member of the iPod family, and you can clip it on to her clothing (an added bonus, I say)!

It's just her baby songs, right? I'm guessing there aren't A LOT of it.
So yes, I'm forward with the iPod shuffle idea!

Betty asks…

where can I legally download music so I can burn a cd?

ok, I am new to this type of stuff…I don't want to break the law, so I don't mind paying for it. I just want to know which website is best for this. My kids have mp3 players, but I would still like to play the old fashion CD

dknol answers:


There are reviews on lots of cheap, legal mp3 download sites, costing about 9 cents per song. The songs you download can be copied to cds.

Do not use Limewire, Frostwire, or anything else that claims to offer you music for free as these are illegal, and more and more people are being prosecuted over this.

Hope this helps you

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