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Betty asks…

What is the best quality/best sounding type audio file for MP3 players, how do I get my songs in that format?

I have a Cowon MP3 player and I heard that different types of audio files have different levels of quality and some sound better than others. I would like the best type of audio files on my MP3 player but how do i get my songs in that format and what is the best format?

dknol answers:

The best type is lossless. A lossless format is one that has the same quality as songs on a CD. “Lossless” means no quality was lost in the process of ripping from the CD to the computer.

There are two types of lossless formats — uncompressed and compressed. Uncompressed comes in a WAV or AIFF container. Compressed lossless formats have the same quality as wav/aiff but are significantly smaller in size (55% or 60% the size). So for you purposes, you should only deal with compressed formats.

Some common lossless formats are FLAC, APE (monkey's audio), ALAC, and WMA-Lossless. Alac is for ipod, wma-lossless is for zune. Flac is non-proprietary and is the most commonly used. It's not important which one you use but I recommend flac, see this comparison:

To get songs in flac you have to rip your CD to flac. You CANNOT improve the quality of a song by converting from lossy (for instance mp3) to lossless. To rip a cd in flac you should use Exact Audio Copy. You can also buy songs in flac, but unfortunately there's not a big selection yet. One site I know of is HDtracks. If you're buying music online and can't find it in lossless, the next best that I know of is Amazon, whose songs are in V0 mp3 which is as good as 320.

Lossless formats take up a lot of space, so eventually you might discover that your player can't hold everything in flac. If that happens, you'll have to have at least some of your songs in a lossy format. Some great lossy formats are DTS, AC3, Musepack, and OGG-vorbis. Cowons support Ogg, so that would be your best lossy option. If that's also too big, go with mp3.

Robert asks…

What mp3 player should I get my old man?

So my days birthday is coming up and I want to get him an mp3 player. He is ok with technology but not great im looking for the simplest mp3 out there that less than $200 and has a good sized screen so you can see all the text. I already have a zunehd i would get him one but i know hes going to hate the software on his pc same thing with itunes.

dknol answers:

There's one at walmart and i don't know the name of it.but it's like an ipod but it's smaller and it's touch and everything but it's very simple. It has music and note maker and radio on it. I programmed one for my neice, it was very easy to deal with. It was like 49$

Mandy asks…

My Coby mp3 player lasts for one hour when it should last for twenty?

My Coby mp3 player lasts only one hour but it says the battery should last for 20 hours. I've tried dimming the brightness, turning on the backlight and charging it for 12 hours straight(supposed to be charged for 4 hours). Someone help?

dknol answers:

The battery life stated by manufacturers is the optimum but lots of things can effect it. If your mp3 is filled to bursting then that will degrade the battery life. Also the older a battery is effects performance a great deal. You should always try to let a battery completely run dry before recharging it too. A lifetime of carefree charging will hurt battery life in the long run.

Carol asks…

Whats the best MP3 player for sound quality?

Am looking at buying the most affordable MP3 player (preferably NOT an iPod) but I want one with the loudest & clearest sound quality. Also it has to be at least 4MB. Any suggestions?
Haha yes 4GB sorry!

dknol answers:

Zune MP3 player
It's available from 4 gb – 120 gb

Jenny asks…

What are some good websites to gets songs for my mp3 player?

okay i have a mp3 player (well i guess its an mp4 but…) and i wanna know some good places to buy single songs or albums thats not very expensive but wont freeze my computer (arg!) so… and make sure its LEGAL!

dknol answers:

Go with Amazon! They may not have the reputation that iTunes does, but they are cheaper and have awesome deals. Everyday, they have an mp3 deal of the day, which is a complete mp3 album for only about $2 or $3. You can easily track the deal with this google gadget:

or you can just go to their site if you don't use google gadgets:

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