Your Questions About Mp3 Players Deals

Helen asks…

Mp3 Video Player-Good deal?

Sandisk Sansa 8g for $150 worth it?

Is the battery recharable? Any warranty?

Any other ideas for video mp3 players that are 8g+

My budget is $200.

dknol answers:

Battery is rechargable 2 yr warranty
AMAZING product
i love ittt!
Totally get one.

Lizzie asks…

Do iPods work with normal mp3 files and windows XP or do you need special software/files?

Thought you may need to you iTunes or something? Currently I deal mostly with plain mp3 files that i drag and drop from my windows desktop to my Sansa brand mp3 player.

dknol answers:

All you need is ITunes or winamp…ITunes is easier to use though

Sandra asks…

What are the best mp3 players for running?

I need a compact small mp3 player that I can run with and not worry about it getting wet. Also it needs to be cheap. I don't need it to hold too many songs. Thanks guys.

dknol answers:

I've been using the RCA Lyra 128 MB MP3 / WMA player over the past year (4 marathons worth of training runs ;-). It's small, compact, has endured many runs in the rain, holds enough songs for me, and lasts a long time on 1 AAA battery. I got it for $40 & it came with a arm band, ear buds, carrying case, and even a battery. There's a 256MB Lyra for just $10 more ($50). I know iPod is the most popular, but they're 3-4x as much…I think the RCA Lyra is a great deal for the money. The link below has some product links to various running MP3 players. Good luck!

– Mike

Maria asks…

I want to buy a MP3 player but not familiar with all the different makes?

I have seen some cheap MP3 players that play movies and videos but not sure how good they are. What should i look out for or stay away from. Can i find one that plays movies and music for less than $150 even on ebay. If so, please recommend a make and model.

dknol answers:

IRiver has the 2GB Clix out, worth $160, but I'm sure you'll get a very cheap deal on eBay, or Amazon.

Creative has the Zen V Plus, not sure of the price but you can get a model (1, 2, 4 8GB) that is $150.

Also, the iPod Nano – probably 2GB – is $150.

Internet shopping is probably cheaper, so remember to look on eBay, or Amazon!

Charles asks…

difference between an ipod and any other mp3 player?

I have a 30$ 512 mb mp3 player that works well. The sound quality could be just a tad better but I really do love it. I was wondering what the bid deal about ipods besides the price. I have no use for video but are there advantages to the ipod over a cheapo mp3 that I dont know about. This is my first mp3 player by the way so Im pretty clueless. Is it quality or just the name or does it have more features?
I was looking into the 199$ nano's. I would never use the features of the full size one and like the size of the nano. Just wondered what the difference was.

dknol answers:

What can set Ipods apart for many people is the user interface. Simply put, it is very easy to use. If it weren't for the scroll wheel and overall simplicity of the menus I would never have ventured over to the Apple wagon myself.

As long as you don't need some basic features like voice recording or FM radio (which many non-Apple mp3 players have), I think the Nano is a nice choice. You will also have access to a gazillion accessories for the Ipods, including multiple ones that allow voice recording and FM radio.

That said, the Nano is also a great alternative over the full-sized Ipods. It is very portable and uses flash memory instead of a harddrive, the latter which can be more susceptible to damage from falls etc. The Nano also has pretty much all the features of the full-sized larger Ipods, besides video playback.

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