Your Questions About Mp3 Players Compatible With Itunes

Helen asks…

I have a question regarding the installation of an MP3 player on a computer?

I'm trying to set up a mp3 player for my parents and am not quite sure what I am doing. Even though it is a generic Phillips MP3 player, is it compatible with iTunes, or is there another program I need to download? Any feedback is appreciated.

dknol answers:

I think itunes only works with ipod so maybe realplayer or quicktime and because it came with software (it did come with software right ?) it might come with its own thing to put song in because when i put in my zune software it put in its own thing either send me an email or something so i can walk you through the download

Lisa asks…

Is windows media player compatible for macs, or are sanza mp4 players compatible with iTunes?

Is windows media player compatible for macs, or are sanza mp4 players compatible with iTunes? Either answer, or both, would be helpful.


dknol answers:

The sansa MP3 players do not work on Itunes (only Ipods do). It will only work on media player, or the drag and drop way but media player is easier. Download it here:

You will also need the Sansa media converter for video but I don't think that it works on Macs in which case you will need to use either boot camp (to run Windows) or Wine (a windows compatibility layer). I don't have a Mac so you are on your own if you need video (sorry).

Donald asks…

Can I get my movies from itunes onto my mp3 player somehow?

i have movies and shows on itunes, but i have to use rhapsody because thats what my mp3 player works with (its not compatible with itunes) is there a way to either get the shows and stuff onto rhapsody or just straight onto my mp3 player? thanks.

dknol answers:

You can take a look at this post first

William asks…

What kinds of music downloading programs would work with my MP3 player?

I am getting the GPX 2GB Digital/Video/Audio MP3 player soon.

Does anyone know if it is compatible with iTunes, or does it have to use some other kind of music program? If it isn't compatible with iTunes, what music download program works with it, and how do you sign up for it?

Thanks in advance!!!
I ordered it from, if that helps.

dknol answers:

I use limewire.

George asks…

How do you get music from a non-Mac compatible MP3 player onto iPod Touch?

My son's current MP3 player is not compatible with Mac (Samsung P2). He is getting a Macbook & iPod Touch for graduation. How will he get his music from the P2 to the Touch? Can he just install iTunes on the PC, transfer his files to the iPod, then transfer them to the Mac, or does he have to transfer the music to the Mac using some other method, then sync them to the iPod?

dknol answers:

He should be able to load them onto his iPod and then sync that to the new iTunes library. Make sure when he does it though that the setting on his iPod is not to sync automatically because it will erase all of then songs on the iPod and put songs from the computer onto it. When the iPod is connected to the computer with songs, select manually manage music. Then when you connect the ipod to the new computer, drag all of the songs from the iPod into the music library.

Lauren <3

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