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Lizzie asks…

Is it possible to add songs from iTunes onto a mp3 player not by apple?

My little brother has a mp3 player from Best Buy called an iriver but i cant add songs to it from iTunes. Is there a reason why? and if i can how do i do it on my laptop?

dknol answers:

I don't know if it is possible to directly link two mp3 player together that are not the same brand. You can however copy files from your ipod to computer and with a simple free program convert the files to play on almost anything. I believe i found the program on and the name of it is twins video. I use it to convert files to play on my zune player. Hope this helps

Michael asks…

What mp3 player do you reccomend based on battery life?

I'm trying to decide which mp3 player to buy and from what company (i.e. apple, creative, dell, etc.) and I'm focusing on battery life. I've heard complaints about Apple Ipod's battery life, does anybody support this or go against it? I'm looking in the 4 to 8gb range. What do you reccomend/not reccomend based on battery life?

dknol answers:

The iPod Nano 4GB sounds great for you. You've heard people complain about Apple's iPod, well I don't know why. The iPod Nano has different features you can change to optomise battery life, like decrease brightness or set the backlight to turn off after 2, 5, 10, 20 seconds, or Always On to meet your needs. The battery life with the backlight timer turning off after 5 seconds and music playing the entire time the life of the battery is a whopping 24 Hours or 1 day! Its hard to beat that. Check it out yourself at

James asks…

What is the best Portable CD Player that can connect a MP3 Player?

I have a Sony Walkman MP3 player and want a portable cd player for work but one that I can connect my MP3 player to. I bought a walfdale one from Argos but the MP3 player isn't connecting properly. Can anyone help me?

dknol answers:

Sorry u cant do the same but try this stuff Sony's Portable dvd player
i think its a better by if u want to go for chipper one u can bye
thanks i m new to this site so if u don't like my answer so pls let me know

Laura asks…

Which is the best place to buy mp3 players in singapore?

I want to buy a mp3 player budget varies from 50 – 75 $ SG. which is the best model and the best shop, it can be a 2gb player, Suggest some brands also please.

dknol answers:

Buy on ebay.

I got a ipod shuffle clone for only $1… It just needs sd card.

Couple of days ago bought a 8g ipod nano clone from ebay for only $20. ( has not arrived yet.)

i bought 2 because i want one for when i listen to podcasts at night. ( that is clone shuffle's job)

and nano clone will be my day time mp3 player. It is good for watching movies, and also it says it has games on it too.

Also on the plus side, if I brake it… It won't be that much.. Onyl $20.

Sandy asks…

What is a good low priced mp3 player to buy?

I need a new mp3 player that is low priced (under $150). I want one with a screen like an ipod nano, but i cant find the right one or dont know if some are reliable or not.

Thanks alot for any suggestions.
Im looking for 4gb products preferably, but 2gb is also good

dknol answers:

You should go to and search Mp3 players in electronics. They have a whole bunch of options on there like the SanDisk SDMX7-2048 Sansa c250 2 GB MP3 Player for $78. I just bought an Ipod because I'm not very trusting when it comes to buying things. This way I know I'm definetely getting a quality product, but price is sometimes an issue, so I get what you're saying. Just keep researching and good luck!!

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