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Laura asks…

what is the best mp3 player i can buy to give me great sound quality?

i want a mp3 player that can play music with better quality than my phone (a built in amp??). but i dont want to spend over $150
all i want is good music quality i do not care about anything else and i do not want an ipod

dknol answers:

**EDIT: You didn't say you didn't want an iPod at first, so thanks for the thumbs down! Lol

Music quality depends on your HEADPHONES if you want to listen yourself, or the SPEAKERS if for the surrounding environment, NOT the MP3 device. I won't get into which ones are best because you didn't specify what you want, not to mention really anything at all. Good luck.**

There are tons of different iPods for under $150 if you do a search on eBay. It depends on what your looking for though, such as storage capacity, features, etc.

I recommend an iPod Touch if you want lots of features and such. If features aren't as important go with an iPod Nano. Figure out what storage capacity you're looking for (8 gb, 32 gb, 80 gb, etc.) and whether you'd care for it being used or not. They can both be bought on eBay for pretty cheap now.

Good luck.

William asks…

Which is the best Mp3 player to buy ?

I've been thinking of buying a Ipod Nano 4th Generation 8Gb.

dknol answers:

Creative Zen.

Donald asks…

can you buy asian music videos off of itunes and convert them onto your mp3 video player?

I want to buy a video mp3 player, buy I want to put all they videos I want on there.Like Dbsk
music videos.Has any one done that?Can you buy them off of itunes and convert them onto your video mp3 player?

dknol answers:

Without going thru the mess of having to remove the protection (DRM) off the video and/or songs. You would only be able to transfer said video purchases to your ipod.

ITunes does not work with any other mp3 player besides an iPod.

The only other way to do it is to find the video file, remove its protection (which I don't think is illegal in itself since you purchased the video, but may be against your agreement as a user of iTunes), then use a different program to convert the video into a format that your mp3 player can handle, then use the software made for that mp3 player to transfer onto the device.

So if you have not purchased a video mp3 player, and don't want the hassle, your best bet is an ipod touch, (or the nano or classic with a smaller screen). Least if you still wish to make your purchases off iTunes.

Lizzie asks…

Can I charge my mp3 player in another country?

I have a mp3 player bought in the US and I was wondering if I could charge it in Vietnam. It charges through a USB connection to a computer tower. Would any computer with a USB port charge my mp3 player? Also, I'm heading to Vietnam, would connecting my mp3 player to a computer in Vietnam ruin it?

dknol answers:

A computer is a computer no matter where its from. In other words yes you can charge your mp3 via usb cable to a computer in vietnam. It would be a different question if you were trying to charge it through an outlet, then theres the different wattage issue.

Linda asks…

What is a good, cheap mp3 player that can also play movies?

Obviously there isn't a dirt cheap mp3 player that can play dvds/movies, but on ebay I am sure there is.
Anyway, I am looking to spend less than $50.
Right now, I am looking at the Sansa Fuze for $43 on ebay.
Should I get a different mp3 player, or is that the best mp3 player to buy that can play media for a low price?
I have a microsd card by the way.

Thank you!

dknol answers:

Transcend makes a decent MP3 player, here's a link to a good price on one… This site has a variety to choose from and I think the Transcend brand has a bigger screen than the Sansa Fuze

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