Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Sandra asks…

What is the best music program to use for a variety of MP3 players?

What is the best music program to use for a variety of MP3 players? I have several different types and my wife has still another brand. So what is the best program to use?

dknol answers:

To put songs on it? I use Roxio for all my burning and converting needs.

James asks…

What makes the iPod better than other MP3 players?

I asked this question before but I got answers about why an mp3 player is cool. I'm not technology illiterate; I know what an mp3 player is. What I want to know is why do people love the iPod so much when there are other mp3 players out there that are comparable?
Some of you are saying that you can use it as an external hard drive and that you can download songs from Limewire onto it. Can't you do that with other mp3 players too? I'm pretty sure a lot of those features everyone's been spoutin' can be found in other players. Hmmm… Are there any other good features that non-iPod users don't know about?

dknol answers:

Marketing/brand recognition and ITunes.

IPod is how the mp3 player is known to the mp3 illiterate. ITunes allows people to purchase and transfer music with ease. It eliminates drag/drop or synching with windows media or some other player. Finally it is the “in” product, every other brand is chasing the ipod.

John asks…

How well do Grado headphones work with mp3 players?

I was planning on buying some Grado sr60i headphones. I can't imagine using them for much besides my iPod, which i use all the time. I've heard that they don't work very well with mp3 players, so I was wondering if this rumor is true? If so, are they worth buying, or should i just stick to my piece of crap skullcandys?

and how do you pronounce Grado?

dknol answers:

From what I've read on head-fi, the sr60's benefit from a headphone amp but still work fine without one, so an amp isn't required. This makes sense because the sr60's impedance is only 32 ohms. Low impedance means less power is required to drive them. Headphones that require amps usually have an impedance of 250 or higher. Any pair of headphones can benefit from an amp, but with low-impedance headphones it's not nearly as important.

So yes, they're worth buying ;) You're gonna like them for sure

Oh wait I should ask, what kind of ipod is it? If it's a Nano, then I'll have to check if what I said is still true. (I'm not sure if a Nano can deliver the same amount of power as a Classic.)

Thomas asks…

Are there any MP3 players that will let you play large audio files without starting from beginning everytime?

I like to download podcasts which can be an hour long. If I burn them onto a CD and play them in the car it remembers where I left off when I get back in the car. I was wondering if there were any Portable MP3 players that will let you do that?

dknol answers:

IPODS (anyways my ipod video 5th gen)remember where you left off even if you listen to another podcast

Helen asks…

Are mp3 players with an internal flash drive actually able to store music as a backup for the computer?

I've noticed a lot of the newer mp3 players saying they have internal flash drives. Is this the same as flash drives that store computer files?
I'm basically waiting for an mp3 player than can save my songs in case of a computer crash(that can actually transfer the songs back to the computer).

dknol answers:

Yes………u can i have a Sandisk sansa e260 and i can backup anything….even though i cant see it i noe its in their……..i drag and drop anything i want and delete it wen i dont want it anymore….

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