Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Michael asks…

How do you transfer all the songs from one MP3 Player to another?

How do you transfer all the songs from one MP3 Player to another?
I want to switch MP3 Players with someone and I want to trade all my songs to his MP3 Player and all his songs to my MP3 Player so we can switch MP3 Players. HELP!

dknol answers:

Plug both of them into the computer at once and go to my computer then just open one and get the songs you need and then copy and paste it in to the other MP3 player and do the same for the songs on the other Player that you want

Thomas asks…

How long does it take to download to an MP3 player?

I know virtually nothing about MP3 players. I don't have one but am thinking of getting one. I listen to a lot of radio programmes online and would like to download them and listen to them away from the PC and perhaps away from home too. It won't be worth doing it if it takes as long to download as to listen to them.
My broadband connection speed is 2.2 mbps.

dknol answers:

The best way for you to see how long it will take, is to go on a website. Right click on the link and select “Save Target As” then time how long it takes to download. Add in 5-10 seconds for transfer to the MP3 player and that is how long it will take you to get it ready for you to listen too. The main advantage of downloading to an MP3 player, is the ability to listen when you have the time. I'm almost never at a computer, when I have a spare moment during the day. Only in the evening, Thus in metaphorical terms can “time shift” myself to my PC every time I have a moment during the day!

Robert asks…

What is the difference between an mp4 player and an mp3 player?

Besides the fact that mp3 players use mp3 files and mp4 players use mp4 files! I mean what is an mp4 player anyways? answer please

dknol answers:

An mp3 player is something that primarily plays music, but can also play things such as podcasts. Whereas an mp4 player does all what an mp4 player can do but it also has the ability to show video.
For example think the old ipod nano, it played music but no video. Now think new ipod nano it plays video and music :)

Hope this helps

Linda asks…

What are the advantages to getting an ipod over an mp3 player?

I just don't understand how they are any better than mp3 players, please tell me, I am thinking about getting myself an ipod, but I am also debating over whether I should just get a better mp3 player

dknol answers:

I have an mp3 player i payed $30 for and it works as well as anything else in my opinion.=/

Betty asks…

Where can I buy Mp3 players and like stuff in Bangalore?

I am looking for a 4GB, more backup Li ions battery type, Mp3 players, I live in Bangalore and don't know exactly where to buy em. Please tell me some good places.

dknol answers:

Try radio shack. They have all the mp3 players I kno of. IF that doesn't work try the internet. Order off of or or they all have that kind of stuff.

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