Your Questions About Mp3 Players

James asks…

Is it bad to leave your MP3 player charging for a long time?

Most MP3 players need around 3 hours to charge completely. My friend said he forgot it was recharging and left it for like 10 hours. Is that bad for the battery?

dknol answers:

Not usually. As long as the mp3 player isn't very old, they almost all o them stop charging automatically when the battery is full even though they're still plugged in. Some of the old ones don't quit like that and need to be unplugged, but any player that's at the most three or four years old will stop charging by itself and you can leave it plugged in forever and it won't damage it in any way.

Daniel asks…

How do you get music onto an MP3 player?

I know absolutely nothing about MP3 players. My 8 year old wants one for his birthday. Do you have to have a subscription to get the music on thme or can you use songs already on your computer? What's a good size to get an 8 year old? I don't want to spend a lot of money on one until he proves he will take care of it. What's the difference between an MP3 player and an ipod?

dknol answers:

This answer depends a lot on the computer you have and the player you buy. If you're working in Windows world, XP or later, most MP3 players connect via a USB cable. Once connected, the show up on your PC as a “Removal Storage Device” and are assigned a drive letter (usually F: or G: depending on what drives you have in your machine). Then, you can either use Microsoft Media Player to create a playlist to sync to the device, or you can just copy the individual music files directly to the device the same as copying files between any two drives.

The music has to be on your PC already to do this. You can get the music onto your PC by subscribing to an online service like Napster (don't worry — they're legal now). Unless you plan on getting an iPod, don't bother with iTunes. You can also get the music on your computer by taking it off any CD you happen to pop into the CD drive.

The problem you'll run into with your 8 yr old is that if you DON'T get him an iPod (or an iPod nano at the very least), he will just be horrified, because all those other players are just SO uncool!! He might prefer to have NOTHING than to have the WRONG player! (Trust me, I have kids too!!)

If you CAN get past the iPod barrier, I would suggest a 1 GB RCA Lyra player. They are small, they don't use a disk so they are very rugged, and 1 GB is PLENTY of music for your 8 yr old (how much Kidz Bop can he listen to anyway???). This unit should be available for under $100 at most electronic stores or Costcos.

To answer your question about the iPod — an iPod IS an MP3 player. It is just designed to integrate well with the iTunes software. The regular iPod (20 GB or larger) uses a miniature hard drive to store the music, and so is rather fragile. I wouldn't suggest it for an 8 yr old.

As a final note: when you do get the player, monitor your son's usage of it. If YOU can hear the music when he has the earphones in, it is TOO loud and he will do permanent damage to his hearing.

Lizzie asks…

How many standard movies does an 8gb mp3 player hold?

what i really want to know mp3 players (not Ipods) hold a certain number of movies by how many gigabytes/megabytes they are or how many hours they are? B.C im hoping its gb/mb b/c a standard movie is about 2 or 3 gb which is only about 2 or 3 movies. But if it goes by gb/mb that would be much better because i could compress a movie down so i could fit more on. thanks!

dknol answers:

I think mp3 players go by size, not length of the movie. Your best bet is what you suggested, and that is to compress the movies/movie quality

Lisa asks…

Can you use a i pod docking station with any mp3 player or is it specifically for ipod?

We have Sony Walkman mp3 players and I wondered if they will plug in to the kind of stereos which have ipod docking stations? If not, does anyone know if Sony produce something similar as I've never seen anything. Thanks.

dknol answers:

Unfortunatley you wont be able to use an alternative make of mp3 player with an ipod docking station, ipod's have a connector on them which is specific to ipods. The only thing you could do is look for something similar, try searching for portable speakers on amazon or ebay and see what that turns up. Alternatively to that would be the option to look at stereos with 3.5mm stereo jack input, tip: make sure its an input and not an output for headphones.

Carol asks…

What mp3 player should i get to replace my sony?

I have a sony NWHD3 Sony, 20gb hard disk. Its the 2nd generation of the “famous” Sonicstage software mp3 players.
Its time to replace it.

Iv always been a sony fan, excellent sound quality and build quality and iv not really liked the ipods, too bulky and everyone has it.

What should i get now?

dknol answers:

I've got a Creative Zen Vision:M 30gb and I love it. I think there are newer ones available cos I've had mine for a year, it was good value, sound quality is good and the screen is pretty good for watching videos and pics. If you want an Mp3 player that isn't Apple I'd go with Creative (This was one of the main reasons I went with it in the first place. I hate Ipods everyone has one)

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