Your Questions About Mp3 Players

Charles asks…

Are there any popular MP3 players that will allow you to reload your library from the device?

I currently own an iPod 30GB Video (5th Gen). iTunes does not allow the contents of the iPod to be placed into a new computer. My old computer crashed and died, along with 15+GB of music. I still have all the music on my iPod, but I have added new stuff into the new library and don't want to sync with it because Apple will erase it all. Are there any other MP3 players that will allow this?

dknol answers:

Transferring iTunes Music (make sure that your iTunes is set to “manually manage music”)

Method #1:
Download iDump or any other similar software from (for free).

(The following steps are tailored for Windows XP. It will work for Vista as well but the steps may be slightly different. Also, this method does not require third party software or an internet connection. This method will transfer ALL songs from iPod to computer. Use Method #1 to transfer specific songs.)

Method #2:
>Connect iPod to computer.
>”My Computer.”
>Double Click iPod icon.
>”Folder Options.”
>Select “Show Hidden Files & Folders” and click “OK.”
>Right click “iPod Control” folder.
>Select “Properties.”
>Unselect “Hidden” and click “OK.”
>A window will pop up. Select “Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files” and click “OK.”
>Double click “iPod Control” folder.
>Double click “Music” folder.
>You will notice folders labeled “F00, F01, F02, F03, F04, etc.”
>Open up iTunes side by side with this window. Make sure that the “Music Library” is displayed and make sure that iPod/iTunes is set to “manually manage music.”
>In iTunes select “Edit>Preferences>Advanced>and make sure that ‘Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized’ and ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to Library’ are checked and click ‘OK.’” You should also make sure that your iPod/iTunes is set to “Manually Manage Songs” so that you have control over what you want to add or delete (to do this select the iPod icon under “Devices” on the left column of the screen and select “Manually Manage Music” under “Options.”).
>Drag all of the yellow folders (not the Read Me files) directly into iTunes “Music Library.” I’m talking about the part that has song name, artist, track number, etc.

Joseph asks…

Are there any mp3 players out there with these features?

I am looking for an MP3 player on which I can listen to music, watch videos, listen to an FM radio, and (if possible, and very preferable) connect to the internet via wi-fi. Are there any mp3 players like that, or am I thinking of something too advanced? The iPhone and iTouch are too large and cluttered for me. Any suggestions?

dknol answers:

Just suck it up and get the iphone or ipod touch because nothing else has all the features you listed.

Mark asks…

Where can I buy Mp3 players and like stuff in Bangalore?

I am looking for a 4GB, more backup Li ions battery type, Mp3 players, I live in Bangalore and don't know exactly where to buy em. Please tell me some good places.

dknol answers:

You can visit the National Market, near Majestic.
But be very careful and check whether the products are genuine.
Be sure to bargain too !!

Jenny asks…

Why is there a major lack of High Capacity MP3 players on the market?

Zune got rid of all their old players besides the Zune HD, and it seems there are very few High Capacity players out there right now. If you like me, then you like to have your entire collection available to you on your MP3 player. Do we really have to wait for Solid state drives to get better before we see these High Capacity Players back?

dknol answers:

You can get an ipod classic 120gb, thats what i have.

Carol asks…

Is there a car stereo that has a usb port or something so it can read mp3 players?

I was wondering this because I was planning on buying a car stereo that could possibly play mp3 players, especially a PSP.

dknol answers:

Yes they do. Try Jvc KD-G720 or 820 Kenwood kdc-mp435u and the new pioneer deh-p6900usb. All of these have usb inputs on then that will allow you to connect a mp3 player or a jump drive. I'm sure that there are some i am forgetting but this is just off the top of my head(could come up with more i i was @ work)

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