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Charles asks…

Should there be restraints on what is being published in fitness magazines?

magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Shape, Self – what about for those suffering from body images?

dknol answers:

No there should not be restraints.
The chances are that those suffering from body images will not read those magazines anyway, and perhaps if they do they may be shocked into doing something to improve their lot in life.

Sandra asks…

How to build muscles at a young age?

So lately I found the free time to go to the gym and start lifting and doing exercise to build muscles. Well, many guys would like to build a good physique and of course I'm one of 'em! I think it's not just for aesthetic purposes but also for health of course.

But my problem is that I'm really skinny. I find it hard to search for advices in fitness sites and magazines because they're focused on weight loss. My problem is the opposite. I'm thin. Not super thin but I get comments from people that I'm more slender than the ladies.

So how do I go about this? Haha. I'm pretty young so I have time to grow a lot. But as early as now I wanna get started How do I get started?

dknol answers:

Gradually build muscle during that first. It is difficult for people to have a little muscle to support the heavy weight lifting exercise, you should gradually be integrated exercise. In addition the more carbohydrates you eat meat.

More information is here.====>

Jenny asks…

What's a good health magazine for a teenage girl?

Im 16 and i love learning about health, but i was wondering are there any health magazines specifically for teens? and if not what would be the best one for someone my age? like out of self, womens health, health magazine, prevention, etc. Thanks! :))

ps i already have seventeen but i want a specific to health mag

dknol answers:

Health And Fitness.

William asks…

Why are so many people obsessed with loosing weight?

In the health and fitness section it mostly questions like ” I need to lose 5 stone FAST”!!???

its ridicules how so many people are in a hurry to lose weight just for an event coming up or something and they cry over it…lose a bit of weight then pile it all back on.

Do u think people are driving themselves mad over their weight?

dknol answers:

Celebrity culture. Have You seen the magazines women read? “X has ballooned to a size 10!” etc..

Mandy asks…

Does anyone have a good training schedule for a 47 year old man who wants to run a marathon?

My dad is 47 years old and he used to run cross country in high school. He has always wanted to run a marathon but has never gotten around to do so. While he has not run in years, he is still pretty thin and doesn't have any major health problems. Does anyone know a schedule that will gradually get him fit enough to run a marathon (at least finish)? He's probably going to need to start off really really slow. All advice (diet, training schedules, stretching excercises, length of time he should train) will be appreciated. Thanks.

dknol answers:

It's great that your dad wants to run a marathon and I'm glad that you want to help him do it right.

Runners World magazine ( has a number of training schedules for new runners. Since he hasn't run in years, I agree that he needs to take it slow and just focus on finishing with a smile on his face.

I would recommend that he first work up to running 15 – 20 miles a week for 6 months. Once he is at that level of fitness, he can select a marathon 4 or more months out and follow the schedule at:,5033,s6-51-56-0-6946,00.html . This plan will walk him through gradually increasing mileage without getting injured.

The key for a 47-year old beginner (no matter how much he ran in HS) is to get to the starting line healthy and prepared for the 26.2 mile distance. If he has a very conservative goal for his first marathon, he can always set his sights higher for a second marathon.

I have found that training partners are a great way to help stay motivated to get out the door and also to help you through the long runs.

Best of luck.

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