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Sandra asks… does society aim to meet the wide range of activity and health needs for individuals and groups?

2. and what messages does society give about the relationship between physical activity and health?
3. where do people in society get the messages?

4. why are these messeages considered important and who has a vasted interest in them?

dknol answers:

Is this like a homework assignment for a class?

I would say…

1. In America, as a society, we have chosen to open gyms, include workout facilities in our living complexes, become/respect doctors, offer fitness boot camps, create fitness DVDs and machinery, license person trainers, etc.

2. America preaches the importance of physical activity and health.

3. These messages are in commercials for fitness equipment, fitness magazines, commercials for diet pills (suggest use with diet and excercise), athletics in school, PE class, doctors stress the importance of excercise, etc.

4. These messages are considered important because people want to be healthy and live long lives. Various people have taken on the challenge of spreading the word from doctors to coaches to teachers to marketing departments to the government. Some for personal gain and some to better the lives of Americans.

Donald asks…

What is good reading material for fitness and diet?

I'm looking to become a health nut. I'd like to know what the proper reading material is for the straightforward science of diet and fitness. There's so much reading material, I don't know where to begin.

dknol answers:

You probably want to start by subscribing to one of the magazines aimed at health and fitness for men. SUbscribing means you get a monthly push, mental jolt call it whatever you want. The most popular in terms of sales is Men's Health, it's quite light hearted, almost a lads mag with muscles and dietary advice, you get plenty of small tips and it's easy to read. Second place goes to Men's Fitness, it's not so jaunty as MH but it does go into more detail, but it is a harder read.

Michael asks…

What's an informative, affordable magazine for healthy living?

I'm looking for a magazine with a balance of information and articles that cover nutrition, fitness and tips for healthy living. What i AM NOT looking for is articles on quick weight loss, how to get beach abs in ten days, or tabloid gossip. I just want a magazine that honestly promotes good health, not sketchy weight loss or poor body image.

dknol answers:

You can subscribe on this internet site and receive regularly health news in your email.

Thomas asks…

What are all the health,workout,healthy cooking magazines?

I know there is


and thats it. what are the others? thanks.

healthy magazines
workout magazines
healthy recipe magazines
and things like that.

thank you.

dknol answers:

I don't know if you're interested or not but I have an ebook store that has lots of recipe and health and fitness books you can download right to your computer. Most of them range from 99 cents to $5. If you would like to check it out, my website is:
Thank you.

Mary asks…

How does the media/advertising promote health and fitness in kids?

I am writing a research essay on American pop culture, and I chose to write about fitness, as it is becoming somewhat of a trend as a response to the obesity epidemic. I know there must be some children's television shows out there that promote exercise and good diet (maybe a dance along tv show), however I cannot think of anything off the top of my head. Also, if you have any other interesting aspects or angles of looking at this topic, I'm up for ideas! (So far I will be looking at “Men's Healthmagazine, “The Biggest Loser” tv show, etc) really, any form of fitness and/or health in the media/advertising

dknol answers:

Sadly, for the most part it doesn't. You have super skinny actors, singers, and models that promote an unhealthy body image for youth girls (and increasingly among boys as well). There is an over-abundance of processed foods being advertised. Drinking alcohol to excess is seen as acceptable or at least expected among teens. Another good fitness magazine is Oxygen. It is for women so would be a good counter balance for your Men's Health. Even in the fitness magazines, supplements such as quick loss pills/powders are being promoted.

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